Chashni : Chandni Faces Discrimination at Workplace !

The Episode starts with Chandni finding Nani angry. Dadi and Roshni pamper Chandni. Nani scolds Chandni for going to do job in that unlucky dept. Roshni says she is doing this job to clear our name, congratulate her, she is the first woman officer. Nani says I will dance when you get married. Chandni says I will not do work well when you stay upset. Nani hugs her and blesses. Tarun gets Raj’s call. He says Chandni got the call because of Manav, its her first day.

Raj says we will make it special for her. Tarun says sure. Dadi wards off Chandni’s bad sight. Raj looks on. Dadi checks the bank account. Nani comes and says I have hidden a big thing from my granddaughters, don’t expect me to help you more. Dadi worries. Nani sees Nirali’s call on Roshni’s call. Roshni says I m leaving. She takes the call and says I got saved, I had come yesterday but I didn’t see you at the pub, its Chandni’s first day, so I planned a surprise for her, I have some work with you.

Chandni greets Tarun. He says new joinee parking place is there. She nods. She recalls Sanjay and calls him brave. She says I will become like you. She prays to get blessings. She says I wish to get you your lost respect. Some goons come there. He asks what do you want. They throw mud at her. She gets shocked. Tarun looks on. Raj comes and insults her. He says you are a murderer’s daughter, just get out from here, I will not let you work here. She gets angry. She picks her bag.

She pushes Raj away. She touches the soil and takes blessings. She enters the gate. The officers see her and laugh. Manav comes and asks what is all this, are you fine. She says yes, the world has given me courage, I don’t care for this insult. Tarun asks her to come for introduction. Manav asks her to give measurements in admin dept for her uniform. He wishes her all the best. She goes.

The guys see Roshni and laugh. Tarun addresses them. He taunts Roshni. He says I will show you the dept, introduce the team and explain the work. Roshni asks can I go and clean my clothes. He says go, but everything will happen on time. She also goes and hears the lecture. He asks them to go to their depts and work. Roshni asks her friend not to miss the work. He says its my guarantee. She pays him money. He says you have given me free tuition classes, no need of money. She thanks him.

Chandni gets to work. Raunaq comes there and smiles seeing her. The door gets shut. She gets shocked seeing him. She says you, what are you doing here. He asks do you work here. She asks what happened, is there any emergency. He says no. She says you are stalking me, its my first day today, just go. He says you aren’t an ordinary girl, I m buying a property, I have to check if its fire compliant, I m not interested in you. She asks the property name. He says Chawla mills. She gives the file. She checks the door and finds it locked. He also checks. She knocks the door. She worries.

Tarun comes in and opens the door. They both fall behind the door. Tu mile dil khile…plays… Tarun asks who are you, what are you doing here. Raunaq says I had to check a property details, a girl was here, she left, she was useless. Tarun says I will help you, come with me. Raunaq teases Chandni. She goes to have lunch. Tarun and staff don’t let her sit.

Chandni and Manav have lunch together. Tarun says she is his fav, she is here because of his recommendation. Chandni asks for washroom. She goes and finds the men here. She says sorry. They laugh. Tarun comes. She asks for ladies washroom. He says you won’t get a ladies washroom here, you can use the gents toilet also. He jokes.

Tarun says I will make you cry, Chandni. Sanjay runs and comes to the fire station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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