Chashni : Raunaq & Chandni Expose Sanjot !

The episode starts with Roshni coming to Chandni and arguing. Chandni says I want your baby to stay fine, you have to trust me. Roshni says you are doing a drama. Chandni says Sanjot wants to kill you, she killed Chitra also and made everyone believe that you got a heart attack, you can ask Raunaq, he won’t lie to you.

Roshni doesn’t believe her and goes. Sanjot says you are so stressed, because of Chandni, right. Roshni says yes, she was saying wrong things about you. Sanjot says she is a working woman and you are a housewife, she is clever. Roshni says you are right, don’t worry, I m with you. Sanjot says you handle yourself, I have made this fresh juice for you, you are pregnant, it will be good for your health, drink it. Roshni takes the glass. She gets a call. The glass falls down. She says sorry, it fell down by mistake.

Sanjot says its okay, I will make another one, go and take rest. Roshni goes. Sanjot thinks I will kill you tonight. Chandni gets some papers. She scolds Sanjot for taking Sumer’s property. Sanjot says its my right. Chandni tears the papers. She asks Sanjot to pick the papers and keep it. Sanjot raises hand. Chandni stops her and asks her to stay away from her sister. Roshni says Sanjot had made papaya juice, it could have harmed my baby, Sanjot wants to kill my baby, it means Chandni and Raunaq are saying the truth.

She goes to meet them. She tells the about Sanjot’s move. She says I hate you because I have a reason for that. She goes. Raunaq asks Chandni not to worry, Roshni will soon come to her. Sanjot goes to Roshni’s room and says I will send you away from the world, you didn’t become selfish, you are free from this world. Roshni says not so soon. Sanjot gets shocked. Roshni scolds her. She says I m not alone here with you. Sanjot points the gun at her and says I don’t care, whoever will come in my way will die.

Chandni saves Roshni. They both joke on Sanjot and smile. Roshni says Chandni told me your truth, and I didn’t believe her, what are you getting doing this, you also tried to kill my baby, how. Raunaq says we have a surprise for you, we recorded your action, I m doing to send this to Sumer. Sanjot worries.

She picks a knife and attacks Roshni. Chandni points the gun at Sanjot. She asks Raunaq to record this also. Chandni asks her not to harm Roshni. Sanjot says I will kill her. Chandni says I will not leave you. She says I will leave her if he deletes the video. Roshni says no, this video should reach Sumer. Raunaq scolds Sanjot. Sanjot says Roshni and her baby should die. Chandni asks Raunaq to delete the video. He says okay, leave Roshni. He says I m doing it.

Sanjot asks Chandni to give the gun. Chandni gives her the gun. Sanjot says now Roshni will die. Chandni gets shot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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