Chashni : Raunaq Vows Revenge on Chandni !

The Episode starts with Roshni running to Chandni. Nirbhay cries. Raunaq gets Chandni home. She says you went there because of me. He says sorry, friends again. She asks am I doing right, there is no one to tell me, dad is there, but he can’t show me the right path. He asks really, did we come so close. He says you and Roshni know what is right and what is wrong, don’t let anyone come between, take rest. He says friends again and gives a rose.

Raunaq goes home. He gets angry and shouts I hate you Chandni Chopra. He sees a dupatta and recalls his sister. He cries. He says I miss you Avni, Chandni made you away, I wish I could save you, I can’t forget this day, Chandni killed my sister on this day, I will make her realize what it feels to lose a sister, its my turn now, I took a step to separate you sisters. Manav asks Chandni to take rest. He gives her medicines. Tarun comes and says so sorry, I didn’t intend to disturb you if I knew a private moment is going on there.

Manav asks what nonsense. Tarun says Nani asked me to go inside, get well soon Chandni, no one needs to worry for you, Sir is with you to take care of you, I will go. Manav asks him to behave. Tarun says we will meet in the office. Chandni asks him not to come home next time to taunt her. Tarun goes. Chandni asks Manav to ignore Tarun, such people don’t deserve their attention and anger.

Its morning, Chandni is upset. Roshni hugs her. Chandni sees the gifts. Roshni says I m going to return this, Nirbhay’s chapter is closed for me now, don’t worry. Chandni hugs her. After a few days, Chandni gets ready and leaves for work. Raunaq comes home. She sees him. He greets her and asks so back to office. She says yes, what work do you have. He says I have to kill you and ruin you. She gets shocked seeing his anger. He gives her a rose and laughs.

He says don’t worry, I m much sweet, everyone gets diabetes. She says you will never change. He says you have given me a lot in life, its my responsibility to take care of you, you do a lot for people and don’t even remember, I don’t forget and return the favor with interest, I will drop you to office. She says thanks, I will go. He says just come. She says okay. They leave.

He talks to her about Roshni. He says its your duty to show the right path to Roshni, what will you tell Sanjay when he gets fine. Chandni thinks. He thinks I have to make Roshni away from you, I will take revenge on you. Raj and Jogi meet Vikas and ask him to transfer the club to them and leave. Nirbhay comes and beats them. They run and fall over Sumer’s car. Nirbhay continues to beat them. Sumer’s men catch Nirbhay. Nirbhay asks who are you, leave me. Sumer gets down the car. Raj says he is that crazy guy, Nirbhay.

Raunaq stops Chandni and taunts him. Roshni says Sanjay has a proof of his innocence. Vikas goes to Sanjay’s house to find out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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