Chashni : Raunaq Vows to Bring Happiness Back in Chandni’s Life !

The episode starts with Raunaq saying Chandni is faking about evidence. Chandni tells conductor was actually present that night. She scolds Raunaq for having blind hate towards her. Chandni tells Raunaq he has to listen to conductor and then he can decide. Conductor explains everything that happened in the bus when Avantika was murdered. Raunaq feels guilty and tells Chandni he did big mistake by not trusting her. Chandni happily hugs him. Raunaq promises Chandni to mend her bond with Roshni. Sanjot thinks she needs to execute final step of plan B. Sumer comes there with Roshni.

Sanjot acts nice and hugs Roshni. Chandni gets excited seeing Roshni and happily goes towards her but Sumer says Roshni must be tired and takes her to room. Sanjot taunts them for losing both relationships of Sumer and Roshni. Raunaq keeps apologizing to Chandni, she jokes with him about it.

Raunaq tells he is genuinely saying so, Chandni says she understands his emotions and the confidence and faith that their relationship lacked is fulfilled now. Raunaq teases Chandni what are they both. Chandni tells they are partners in crime. Raunaq holds her face romantically and Chandni changes the topic. He teases her saying they were enemies but now they are partners.

Raunaq thinks he had given pain to Chandni but now he will bring back her happiness. Both Chandni and Raunaq bring breakfast for Nisha. He offers Nisha juice and Nisha tells them to directly ask her what they want to know. Chandni says Nisha that they will question her and she can skip if she feels uncomfortable.

Raunaq also encourages her to tell truth about what she has been hiding. Nisha confesses of developing crush on Manav and after rejection when she wanted to spend time with Sanjot, she didn’t not have time and later told her about being sent to hostel which made her lose her appetite and lack sleep.

Raunaq requests Nisha to tell them if she is ever facing any problems. Sanjot comes there and gives Nisha tickets to leave for hostel. Nisha tries to deny and Raunaq tears them off. Chandni tells Nisha won’t go to hostel as she needs love of family now. She mocks Sanjot for not even understanding pain of own child. Nisha says strength comes from family and hugs Raunaq. Sanjot leaves angrily. Sumer brings juice for Roshni and tells her to take care of herself more.

Roshni tells Sumer that she doesn’t want to hide about her past from him as they are beginning new phase of life. Roshni shows Nirbhay’s photo to Sumer and says he was her love. Sumer calls Nirbhay cheater but Roshni tells him about what had happened. She blames Chandni’s principles for death of Nirbhay and narrates past incident to Sumer. Roshni tells Sumer that she didn’t want to start their relationship with lies. Sumer understands her emotions. He tells he wants her to handle Nirbhay’s club by reviving it on his land. The episode ends with Roshni hugging him happily.

Precap Sanjot will attack Roshni with knife. Chandni warns her not to hurt Roshni and Sanjot will say since everything is already being recorded she will finish Roshni off.

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