Choti Sardarni 12th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher asks Kulwant about the herb that makes people say truth. Kulwant says yes the person faints and they speak truth. Seher says rajveer will eat it and tell who he sold the property too. Kulwant says how will you make him eat? Seher says I will.

Everyone is at the lunch table. Seher says Ginni mami the food is so tasty. The food in Rajveer’s house is very bad. Tasteless. Our food is so good. Rajveer can’t even eat it. Cause he can’t eat spicy. Rajveer comes there. He says you’re challenging me? He sits at the table. Seher says you can’t eat the chicpeas. It’s very spicy. She says like your life? Seher says yes. She says to the kids give him your sugar yogurt to eat it with. Rajveer says no thanks I can eat it. The kids say didi was saying your mouth would burn. Rajveer says Seher you eat it first. Let me see if you can handle it or not. Seher looks at Kulwant. She eats them. Rajveer eats them too. Seher smiles. Rajveer leaves. He coughs. Kulwant says why did you eat it.

Scene 2
Rajveer comes to his room and coughs. He drinks a lot of water. Rajveer says it’s so spicy. He drinks juice. Rajveer’s head hurts. He faints on the bed. Seher comes there. Seher sits with him. She says Raj.. who did you sell the property too? Rajveer smiles. He touches Seher’s hair and says your hair is so pretty. Seher says please tell me who did you sell the property to? Rajveer says come close. Rakveer looks at her. He says you look so pretty. I would drown in your eyes. Thank God I know swimming. Seher says please tell me who you sold the property to? Where are the papers? Rajveer says because of you were hurt. I am sorry. He sleeps.

Seher says please get up and tell me. Rajveer says Sonali.. She bought the house. Papers are in Chadha’s house. Ayesha will transfer. She will transfer is back to my name. Seher says why would she name it to you? He says so I can transfer is back to you once you kick me out. Seher says I knew. Seher says I will take it all to keep you and my family in my life. She kisses his hand. The song milay ho tum humko plays. Seher takes his phone and leaves the room. Seher says who’s Ayesha Malik?

Scene 3
Bitu and Rana’s car hit a girl’s car. She says can’t you see? Bitu says you hit it. Rana says get L written on your car learner. Bitu says pay for the loss. The girl says I am late for the meeting. Ginni calls Seher and says Rana and Bitu have stopped that Ayesha. Seher says well done. Seher says time for plan 2. Ginni says what about her voice? Seher says don’t worry, I will change the voice too. She looks at th veil.

Seher comes to Chadha in veil as lawyer. She says where is Raj? He says you.. Chadha says are you his friend too? She says no he’s Sonali’s friend. She calls him Raj. I am his lawyer, it’d be great if we are friends too. Chadha calls Rajveer. He says Rajveer isn’t picking. Seher says leave it. Give me the papers. I will transfer it on Seher’s name. Chadha says let me try calling Rajveer once again. He keeps calling Rajveer. Rajveer opens eyes and picks the phone. Chadha says Rajveer where were you.. the lawyer Ayesha Malik is here. Come fast. Rajveer tries to open the door but it’s locked. Rajveer says Seher.. He recalls the food and how Seher made him eat the chickpeas. Rajveer calls Sonali. He says did Ayesha go to Chadha’s office? She says yes he told ne. Rajveer calls Chadha. Rajveer says to Chadha is Ayesha in front of you? Chadha says he’s wearing veil. Rajveer says it could be Seher. Chada says no she can’t be. The office boy asks her if she would like? Seher says can I have lassi? Rajveer recalls Seher loves it. He says it’s Seher for sure.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer says that’s 100 and 10 percent Seher. Take off her veil. He sees her face and says you.. Seher is out in the car. She sees the papers. Rajveer says no matter how you try Seher, I won’t stay in your life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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