Choti Sardarni 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajveer says take off her veil. It’s Seher. I am coming. Chadh says how can I do that. They take off her veil. It’t not Seher. He says who are you? The girl slaps him. Seher says on call well done. She says you ill-mannered man. How dare you. He says I thought you were someone else says shout at him. The girl says I will teach you who I am. She says I am the lawyer. Now you see what I do. I am Ayesha. He says sorry I’ve made a mistake. Rajveer breaks things in anger. Rajveer coughs and faints on the bed again. Rajveer says I know Seher is doing all this. Why are you forcing me to stay in your life. I have to stop her. I can’t let her ruin my plan. I tried my best to not stay in your life Seher.

Ayesha says I will tell the whole world how disgusting you are. He says sorry I made a mistake. You are like a sister to me. I thought you were someone else. Ayesh says you wasted so much of my time. I will see you in the court. Give me the papers. He says I am coming with the papers. Ayesha says give me the papers. Rajveer is on the way. He looks for an auto. Seher says this is about house, family and love. All that I want to save. Rajveer runs on the roads. Seher says please God return my Raj to me. Rajveer says I am coming Seher. Rajveer runs on the roads. Rajveer takes a cab. Ayesha gets the papers. She tells Seher. Seher says thank God. She says Raj you can never go away from me.

Scene 2
Rajveer comes to the office. He looks for Seher. Ayesha gives Seher the papers. mr. Chadha says it wasn’t Seher. I got slapped. It was done. She transfered the papers to you. He shows the papers to Rajveer. Rajveer says these are fake. He says fate is trying to take me to him. Why is she doing this. How do I go away from him. I can’t keep her happy if I stay with her. What to do now.

Scene 3
The next morning, band baja comes to the house. Everyone dances. Kulwant dances with Seher. Rajveer comes in. He’s shocked to see the celebration. Seher says welcome home hubby ji. What are you thinking? He says you fainted me. Seher says I thought a lot but then I recalled my promise. The promise I made to my husband that I will get my house back. Congratulations, I have back. Will have the husband soon too. Got it? Rajveer is angry. Seher says you try to be my villain but you end up becoming my hero. This is my house and you’re my husband. Nothing can change that. I won’t leave either. Right hubby? I know your drama very well. Why don’t you give up. Don’t be stubborn. rajveer laughs. HE says what give up? Remember the last time telling you, no one is listening to you. Seher says I am not talking. I am remind the one who forgot me and my love. Rajveer leaves. Seher says stop.

Seher says this wound will remind me that my husband will hurt me. And with that I have to be strong and save myself too. Seher says whatever I am going to say now and do is not because I want to bring him down but to get my love back and I will get it back. Seher says whatever happened today should never happen again. I’ve decided something. She takes out some papers. Seher says this house is mama and papa’s memory. And no one can take it away from us. I’ve decided to give my portion to you both. They’re shocked. Karan says what are you saying? Seher hugs them. She says I’ve to do this. Rajveer looks at them in anger.

Episode ends.


Precap-Seher says my hubby Raj dances. Rajveer shoves her. Karan holds her. Rana is about to hit him. rAjveer hits him. Seher says he’s my uncle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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