Choti Sardarni 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
The police take Rajveer.. Seher says please stop. Rajveer stops and starts dancing with them. Confetti fall on Seher. Rajveer dances around Seher. Seher says all this to make my mood better? He says I can bring moon and stars for you. rajveer dances with Seher. Rajveer gives Seher a box. He says I know nothing happened in our lives as per our will.. He opens the box. It has a pacifier. Rajveer says will you be my child’s mother? Rajveer says will you fulfill my wish? Sehr says yes. She hugs Rajveer. Rajveer and Seher dance.

Scene 2
Badi bi says we have to be careful. Didi ji is trying to win Seher’s trust. Ramila and Harshdeep come there.

Rajveer and Seher are at the hospital. Dr. Gaitri says Seher looks nervous but her BP is normal. And Rajveer your BP is very high. Rajveer says I am fine. I am not nervous. She says you have to start. She gievs him a jar. Rajveer goes out awkward. Seher says all the best. Rajveer is awkward.

Ramila says you were spying on us? What are you doing? Harsh says she’s our guest. Guests are face of God. Badi bi never spies on anyone. Right? She says things openly. Badi bi says people who have a right heart say things openly. They can face anything. Liars have to hide things. Harshdee says let’s make pickle for Seher. Come with me.. She takes badi bi from there. Ramila says now see what happens.

Scene 3
Gaitri says Rajveer did his part. now mama Seher’s turn. Rajveer comes. He says I want to stay with Seher. I can’t leave her alone. He holds her hand. Gaitri says are you ready Seher? Seher says I am really scared. Gaitri says don’t panic. Rajveer says breathe Seher. You will be fine. Seher says please promise me you will be with me. He says I will always be with you. Seher says I am really worried. Rajveer says someone told me if Seher is scared read her this message. Rajveer reads a kid saying Seher Kaur, the prettiest, bravest girl will bring me to the world. She will be the best. I heard my grandparents were amazing too. I will be in mama’s arms. Rajveer says don’t worry Seher. Seher recalls her moemnts with Rajveer. Seher says in heart am I in love with Rajveer? He caresses her face. Rajveer says all the best. He caresses her face. Gaitri says we are done. Seher cries. rajveer hugs her. Seher says I am feeling this for the first time with Seher. rajveer says in heart I never imgained you will be the mother of my child. Gaitri looks at them.

Ramila puts a medicine in Seher’s perfumes, creams and everything. Gaitri calls Harshdeep and says we gave Seher only a multivitamin injection and discarded Rajveer’s sample. Harshdeep says thank you spo much. It’s a big news. Badi bi asks what’s such a big news that you cut your hand? Harshdeep says there’s no pain. the news I got, if you get it you will feel the pain without a cut too. Badi bi says what is it? Harshdeep says don’t worry. Relax. I will tell you. This is aamla and this is Seher. This gitak is her child. This is oil.

Pickle can’t be made without oil. It gets fungus. I am the oil of this family. I keep everyone safe and manage everything The way oil has control on pickle I have control on this family. Badi bi says what are you doing? Ramila says let me tell you. We are done. She askes servants to put her stuff in the car. Badi bi says what do you mean? Harsh laughs. Ramila laughs too. Badi bi says what are you planning Harshdeep says she’s so innocent she thinks we will tell her our plan. Harshdeep says your plan is right. We have made a plan for Seher. She thinks of herself as a lioness. If you can save her go ahead.

Scene 4
Rajveer and Seher come out. The lock doesn’t open. Seher says Rajveer open the door.. Some goons hold Rajveer. They out a cloth on his face. Seher screams. They put a cloth on her face too. They lock them in the car and play video live from home. Harshdeep says I am sorry Raj and Seher for this joke. I wanted to surprise you both. Harshdeep says I am waiting for this good news. Then I thought how will I get it? You both didn’t go for honeymoon. So I am sending you both to a good place. This car will take you there. Badi bi says Seher won’t go anywhere without me. Harshdeep says let them stay time with each other. Harshdeep says you both want to stay a lot time with each other right? Seher says yes a lot. She looks at Rajveer. Seher says we are happy at home. Why is it needed? Ramila says Haarsh don’t tease the kids. They are so excited. Ramila says don’t worry. We have packed your bags and everything. Bahalmpur is such a pretty place and the farm house Harsh booked is exotic. The route is amazing. Enjoy your honeymoon. Rajveer says honeymoon? Badi bi is worried.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher and Rajveer are on their way. They dance with each other. On the way Seher sees a girl crying and running on the road. She jumps off the cliff. Seher jumps after her. Rajveer screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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