Choti Sardarni 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher says we will all live together and I won’t have to see my husband trying to sell my mama papa’s house. People used to give Gill family’s examples. I want them to remember my love as well. She says play the drum. Rana plays the drum. Param and Karan dance. Seher dances with them. Kulwant says stop. She dances as well Rajveer is angry. They all dance together. Seher says wait. Seher says bring onion, my hubby Raj is gonna dance. Rajveer holds her hand. He recalls his moments with Seher. Seher and Rajveer dance on mein phir bhi tumko chahungi plays. Seher was imagining it. Rajveer walks away. Seher looks at Rajveer. He looks away. Seher taps him on shoulder.

Rajveer shoves Seher. Param and Karan hold her. Param says how dare you. Don’t dare to misbehave with my sister. Rajveer says teach your sister manners. Ask her to stay away from me. Karan says mind your language. Rana shoves him. rajveer is about to slap Rana. Seher says he’s my uncle. Stop it. Kulwant says he has no manners. Rana says slap me. Why did you stop? Seher says it’s his drama. Rajveer says it’s the truth. You better back out Seher.

Scene 2
Rajveer comes to his room and cries. He sits down. He recalls what Rana said. Rajveer hits his hands on the wall. She says sorry baba ji. Please forgive me. Rajveer gets a call. It’s Sonali. She says your test reports are here. It’s completely unpredictable. Check the reports. She says it all happened because of that higjack blast. rajveer checks the reports. Sonali says acording to the reports your eyesight will be lost permanently. You will never be able to see. rajveer cries. He says how much time do I have? She says it can go anytime. Today, tomorrow, anytime. Rajveer recalls instances where he couldn’t see. He falls down and cries. Rajveer recalls when he couldn’t see while trying to save Seher from the goons.

Rajveer comes outside. He sits down and cries. He sees Seher. Rajveer says Seher.. Seher says where are you Rajveer? Come here. Rajveer keeps falling. He says seher.. He tires to walk to her but he can’t. Rajveer says how can I stay in your life. Rajveer says why? I love you more than my life Seher. I can’t ruin your life. I can’t stay with you. He cries. Rajveer says I knwo you will be broken seeing my like this. I don’t want to be a burden on you. Rajveer cries. Seher says I can’t stay away from you. I want to be with you for a whole life. Rajveer says I am coming Seher. Rajveer says I can’t see your face with these eyes but my heart will see you every day. Your memories will stay with me. Seher says please come to me. Rajveer says no I have to go away from your life. He falls and faints. The song humari adhuri kahani plays.

Scene 3
Seher plays with kids and enjoys time with family. Rajveer looks at her and says I don’t know how to make her hate me. Rajveer says I was breaking the house. I’ve to break the relationships. She will kick me out. He says sorry baba ji.

Episode ends

Precap-Seher says Rajveer there is party in the house to celebrate our family legacy. Rajveer says you sure you wanna invite me? Param and Karan fight over inviting anurita.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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