Choti Sardarni 16th February 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajveer says look at me Seher? Do you trust me? Do you trust our love? Please look at me. Khushi calls Prince. She says my baby you didn’t sleep? He says tell me papa’s story in which he would come. Khushi says you tell me that sotry. Prince says there was a storm and a child was crying in a small hut. He was sad, he couldn’t go out because it was raining and he wanted to play. That’s when a blue eyed Jutt came there. He smiled bright. The rain got scared of Jutt. He said baby you wanna play outside? I stopped the rain. Don’t be scared. He said he was my dad. Then Prince went out and played with his dad. Mama when will papa come? Khushi says I will come soon with your dad. She says see Raj, if you’re not his dad how does he know so much about you? I told him. only a mother knows who her child’s father. Raj is about to slap her and says shut up. Prince isn’t my dad.

Avinash says you were drunk too. You left her to her room. Be a man and accept the truth. You didn’t think about khushi or the consequences of it. You used Khushi, you betrayed her. You used her. Rajveer hits him and says I can never do that to a girl. Seher shouts stop Avinash. Khushi says you are saying wrong Raj. He was drunk. Rajveer says Khushi you.. Seher holds Rajveer’s hand. Rajveer says I would have remembered if anything happened. Avinash says why would she lie? Avinash says she waited for you for years. She suffered so much. You are Prince’s dad. Accept it.

Seher says to Khsuhi so all the jokes you did with Raj, forcefully eating with his hands, dancing with him, coming close to him, it was all truth? Your feelings. Khushi says I can’t cry all my life. I saw Raj in front of me after years. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But when I saw you both together and Raj made you wear this ring, it broke me. My happiness went away. What else would you do if you had a child? Raj says don’t drag Seher in your lies. Khushi says this is my life’s truth. I thought about it every moment of my life. We have cried more than we smiled. Now when you are in front of me I won’t let you back out from this truth.

Rajveer says to Bitu and Rana you both know how much I love Seher. She’s my one and only love. I’ve never loved anyone before her. He says Param do you trust me? Karan? Harleen says all proofs are against you. It all supports Khushi. No girl can put her diginity at stake for a false accussation. Robbie says Param Khushi is like your sister too. Support her. We lied about her wedding, we had no option. We got to know about Raj a few days ago. Harleen says Seher your mom suffered the same. Then why no support for Khushi? Everyone supported Meher. You all got her married to my brother. Why can’t my daughter have her right? Kulwant says Khushi is our daughter. We all want the best for her but we trust Raj too. Raj can give his life for Seher. He can never hurt or lie to Seher. Kulwant says Khushi you were very drunk Raj wasn’t that drunk. He rememebers he left you to your room. You don’t remember what happened. Harleen says he knows he can get exposed. He took advantage of a drunk girl. Seher says enough. We all heard Khushi but I know Raj. He isn’t like that. He cares for others. He can never take advantage of a girl. Kulwant says stop accusing me.

Khushi says I know how good he is. It has my consent. He might not remember it. He didn’t do anything wrong. It all happened because both of us wanted it. Rajveer says enough Khushi. I won’t tolerate it. stop it. You will ruin my and your life with these accusations. If anything happened I would have accepted it. He says Seher please. I know how hurt you are. Do you remember when we met for the first time and became friends. I did skydiving for you, because you were with me. I knew as long as my Seher is with me nothing can go wrong. You loved me so much. I would die without you. You’re my life. Remember when I couldn’t see.. You became my eyes. Your love makes everything easier for me. You kept me with yourself. You love made me stronger. The belief that everything will be fine as long as my Seher is with me. Our love shines because it’s pure. I love you.

Episode ends


Precap-Seher reads Khushi’s letter I am going far away. Everyone looks for her. Rajveer gets a news about Khushi and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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