Choti Sardarni 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
The guy says who are you to question us? People say who is she to talk in our personal matters? Seher says to inspector Nimi was trying to kill herself. She spoke to Sukhi. They were tensed. I have to talk to Nimi otherwise she will also do what Sukhi did. Something dangerous is going on here. A man says Nimi won’t meet anyone. Who are you to question us? Inspector says madam ji spend your holiday and leave. People are getting angry. all the villagers are together. We can’t do anything. Seher says don’t tell dida or rajveer about my bruise. He says I will send two constables outside your farm house. They leave.

Scene 2
Seher is worried about what Sukhi’s mom said. She says those pigmentation were from a pregnant woman. Sukhi had those. Sukhi was pregnant. Nimi and Sukhi’s story is the same. Seher calls Rajveer. She says sorry I was a little busy. She says you sent SP to take care of me? He says yes. You need to be safe. Rajveer says you miss me right? Seher says no. But come fast. Rajveer says I will try my best. Seher says I am so sorry Rajveer I am leaving without telling you but I know you won’t let me do this. I will explain everything and say sorry when we meet. But for now, I have to find out the truth.

Scene 3
Seher comes outside. She says everything can be found when I got to Nimi’s place. The guy stops her. He follows Seher with his knife. Seher runs towards the house. The man runs after her. He tries to stab her. Seher holds his hand.

Seher fights with the guy. He tries to stab her. Seher fights back. He shoves Seher and comes near her to stab her. Seher shoves him. She grabs the knife. She sees the guy’s face. It was the guy who took Sukhi’s mother. Seher says so you are behind all this? Why Nimi tried to kill herself? Why Sukhi died? Tell me. He shoves Seher. He runs away. Seher says I am sure he’s not alone. There are many people with him. Only Nimi can help me now. I will find the truth if I go to her place.

Seher comes to Nimi’s place and looks for her. Seher sees papers. She opens them. Seher says these are Nimi’s medical records. Seher checks them. It’s a pregnancy test and she’s positive. Seher says that means I was right. Nimi was pregnant? She takes the reports. Seher says where is she if she’s not home? Seher sneaks out. Her father is coming in. Seher hides. Her mom says who is there? She shuts the door. Seher sneaks out.

Scene 4
Badi bi says what are you doing there Seher if Rajveer is here? Seher tells her how she saved Nimi. She says something is wrong in this village. Badi bi says come back please. It looks so dangerous. Seher says don’t worry about me. I found her medical records. It shows she’s pregnant. I get it all now. Badi bi says you went there for holiday. What are you stuck in? Let me tell Rajveer. Seher says you won’t tell anyone.

Sartaj hits his mand and says you got hit by a girl? Shame on you. I will kill that Seher. Seher says this reports says she delivered 2 weeks ago. Now I know why she.. She couldn’t pick the weight. Seher says but they were both pregnant. Where are the kids? These reports are of Sartaj’s hospital. He has something related to all of this. Badi bi says who is that? Seher says that friend of Rajveer. Badi bi says I am really worried for you. Rajveer isn’t there either. Seher says God is with me. Seher says I have seen Sukhi’s mom crying. Nimi crying. She doesn’t have her child. I know their pain. I can’t tolerate it. If I were a mother, I would fight the whole world. I don’t know where Nimi’s parents sent her. I hope she’s safe.

Nimi is at the hospital with her child. A girl says they’re coming to take the child. hurr up. Badi bi says I am really worried for you. Seher says mama would want me to save them. Badi bi says that’s right. Meher would risk her life to save others. She saved my life too and respected me so much. That’s why when they passed away, I came to both of you. Badi bi says you are a lioness. Get them justice. Save them. Seher says I am going to Sartaj’s hospital to find out Nimi and Sukhi’s truth.

Scene 5
Seher comes to the hospital as a nurse. She says to the other nurse I am Sarika. I want a nurse’s job here. Where did my file go? I submitted it twice. I have an appointment. It was my round today. If you don’t let me go I will tell Sartaj sir. She says no no don’t tell him. You can go on your round in the maternity ward. Sartaj’s man stops Seher. He says you.. Seher stops.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher runs. Sartaj says stop her. She should run out. They surround Seher.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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