Choti Sardarni 1st March 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Prince says daddy I was so scared. Rajveer says you are fine now. I am here. Let’s sleep. Rajveer falls asleep. Prince tries to kill mosquitoes around him from his gun. Rajveer says what are you doing? He says no mosquitoes will bite you. I was protecting you.

Rajveer says you are so cute. Let’s apply this cream. It makes them run away. He says let me apply it on you. Rajveer says my cutie. Let’s sleep now. Prince sleeps in his lap. Prince says sing ladki ki kathi for me. Rajveer doesn’t know it.

Prince says you don’t love me. He says I will sing you tomorrow. He says sing in the girls voice that you did last time. Rajveer says Seher isn’t here. Kulwant comes. Prince says daddy isn’t singing ladki ki kathi. Kulwant says sing it. He says Seher does not me.

Seher is in her room. She’s missing Rajveer. Karan applies medicine on her wound. Prince holds her hand. He says Meher mama always asked me to take care of you. Because of you she feels around. What if anything happened to you. Seher says you both are there for me. Karan says then why did this happen? Param says you are in so much pain. Seher says we all are. Prince is in pain.

Kulwant says so is Raj. Prince is asking him to sing. Karan says why are people forcing him to stay away from you and with Prince. Seher says it’s not that kid’s fault. He was so scared. He hugged me like I would care for him. He’s in this problem like us. We can’t leave him alone. We can’t hate him. He’s a child.

Prince says sing for me daddy please. In girl’s voice. Rajveer sings. Prince says what are you doing.. He laughs. Seher comes on the door. Seher sings and Rajveer mimics it. Prince falls asleep. He says daddy I was so scared. I thought someone was singing the same around me. My hoodie fell in that coal. I miss that hoodie. I asked Seher to let me take it. She didn’t. That hoodie smelled of you.

Rajveer says I got you another hoodie. Prince hugs him and says I love you daddy. I will sleep in this hoodie. Rajveer makes him wear the hoodie. Seher looks at them and smiles. Prince sleeps. Khushi comes. Devika says Seher is also there. Khushi says she’s trying to feel better. She’s not part of this picture anymore. They will do what Prince says. Seher asks Rajveer to check his fever. Rajveer leaves.


Rajveer holds Seher’s hand and says sorry. He says I can’t fulfill my responsibility towards you. Your hand is burned.. Seher says Karan applied cream. He says let me get you milk. She says nani got it. She says your husband should’ve done it. I couldn’t.

Seher says just love me. He says I would die the moment if I don’t love you. Seher says if anything happened to Prince it would have gone so wrong. Rajveer says you’re a hero. You saved her. Seher says we did it together. He laughs. Rajveer says you make me cry so I’ve to laugh to control it. Prince says daddy.. Seher asks him to go.

Scene 2
The next morning, Ginni gives Seher tea. Kulwant says your brothers and uncles are cooking. Kulwant says hurry up. They serve the food. Rana says this is gobi manchurian. Karan says combination of Chinese and Indian. Bitu says eat it, it’s really good. They serve her.

Param says Seher you used to eat noodles with hands when you were kids. Kulwant says I hope my Seher keeps smiling. Prince comes. Khushi says my baby is here. Prince says I wanna eat with daddy’s hand. Khushi says come st here. Khushi says give him this.

Harleen says we should prepare for Devika and Param’s wedding. We should start the functions. Devika’s mom says we have a ritual where we give gifts to the guy’s family. Dolly says in heart they’re planning something.

Seher says we will do this function. It would be great. Harleen says I was thinking to call all of Prince’s friends. Prince hugs Harleen and says thank you Harleen. I was missing my friends. Kulwant says can white kids stay here? Harleen says he will introduce his friends to dad.

Prince says I am so happy K mama. Khushi hugs him and says Seher will take your dad away in the functions. Prince says daddy Seher won’t be coming to any functions. She wants to part us. She won’t let me come near you. Rajveer says Prince go to your room. He says no.

Rajveer says Prince.. Rajveer shouts Khushi.. Kulwant says you are blackmailing Rajveer using prince. This isn’t right. Seher and Rajveer are suffering. Harleen says Prince is suffering every day since he was born. Khushi says he wasn’t well and because of Seher he fell in the ditch. This stress isn’t good for him.

Harleen says Prince is questioned every day about his father. It’s so painful for him. Can’t Raj do it for Prince? He’s his father. Param says bua.. don’t try to prove a lie truth. The DNA test isn’t done. Khushi says I care about my son not some test. You want him to never get well? She says Raj what would happen if Seher doesn’t come to the function?

Think about Prince’s health. Rajveer says Khushi.. Seher says I care for his health and his happiness. Don’t worry I won’t be in any of the functions. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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