Choti Sardarni 22nd February 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajveer says you don’t trust me, you trust Khushi. Your decision questions my love for Seher. This is a once sided decision. Do you trust Seher’s love? If you do then why this? Kulwant says what kind of solution is this? It will create distance between Seher and Raj. Harleen says please. He’s doing this for justice.

Kulwant says I can see what’s happening. I trust param. He will never be unfair. But there is injustice here. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. Something is happening that shouldn’t. Are you happy with your decision? Dolly says if it’s not you way, it’s unfair? Loser. Kulwant says keep your english to yourself. Dolly says Param has decided and he’s done right. And Rajveer get ready to be punished. Kulwant says I will see who tries to punish my Raj.

Kulwant says that day you were saying you are with me. Kulwant says I still am but that man isn’t Raj. I will let anything bring distance between Raj and Seher. Harleen says Param has decided. Kulwant says even if Sarab decided this I won’t agree. Dolly says it’s done. Robbie says yes.

Bitu says no it’s not done. They all fight. Seher says stop it everyone. This decision is taken by my brother. Who loves me like papa, for his respect, I accept his decision. Raj and I will live separately now. rajveer says what are you saying? Seher says our hearts would still be together. We can never be separate. We will fight this war together.

Scene 2
Kulwant says don’t accept Param’s decision. How can he decide for your married life? How will you live without Raj? Your nani never listened to real court’s decisions. Seher says I know you care about me nani but I will accept Param’s decision. I trust Raj too.

But I have to keep Param’s respect too. We have to fight this war for our love. We are not alone. We will bring the truth out. Khushi is also my sister, she has some misunderstanding. The DNA will clear everything. Kulwant says you’re just like your mom. She was brave and wise like this.

Param comes to his room and cries. He says what have I done. How can I do this with Raj and Seher. how will I forgive myself? He says sorry papa. He cries. Karan comes to him and sees him crying. Karan hugs him. He says get up please.


If you regret your decision then why did you take it? We promised we will never let Raj and Seher part? We will always be there for them. Your decision drew a wall between them. seher was so upset. You can’t see her in pain. Param says please leave me alone. Karan says Seher is alone too. Param says please leave me alone. Karan leaves. Param cries.

Scene 2
Rajveer packs his bag. Seher says what are you doing? He says you will live where I will. Seher says but we have to take this decision. Rajveer says we are going to babbar mansion. I can’t accept Param’s decision. Seher says what are you doing? He says what kind of justice is this? Khushi has ruined my life.

She only tried to come between us. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t let anyone come between us. We will go to Babbar mansion right now. Seher says are we different people or the same? We are one. We are each other’s strength. This is our responsibility. If we go from here will we be able to call each other Sehraj? He says I can’t go away from you. How can they decide our life? Seher says no one can part us.

We just have to accept their feelings so no one feels something unfair happened to them. Seher says when you are with me everything gets better. I won’t be able to sleep without you. Rajveer gets teary. Sehre says Param has taken this decision from papa’s place. How can I say no to this decision? We have to face this battle. I trust our love. Our hearts are together, there can be no distance between us. We will shift to Babbar mansion and start a new life. There will be no past. She wipes his tears.

Scene 3
Rajveer picks his bag. Bitu and Rana hold his bags and help him shift. Seher holds Raj’s hand. She recalls their moments together. They leave hands and walk out of the room. Gullu says jeju are you going? He says now can I leave you? Just changing room. Gullu says then take Seher didi too. Seher gets teary. Seher locks herself in the room. She says our bodies can be separated but not our hearts. She says I will miss you every moment.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer calls Seher and says I can’t sleep without you. They video call. Seher says we will be together soon. Prince comes and hugs Raj and says daddy..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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