Choti Sardarni 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Omkar says can I read you a poem? Seher says of course. He reads a poem a truth is behind every truth. How do we go away from it. Seher claps. Seher gets a call.

Badi bi comes to meet Kulwant. THe warden says you can’t even go near. She is very dangerous. She attacks people. Badi bi looks at Kulwant. A woman goes in her room. Kulwant hits her and says I will kill you. She hits her head on the wall. Everyone gathers outside. Kulwant says how dare you touch my Meher.. Kulwant hits her with a pot. The woman’s head bleeds. Badi bi looks at her.

Scene 2
Seher calls Rajveer. She says something was off at an orpahange. He says but kids were happy with the caretaker and they didn’t say anything even when she wasn’t there. Seher says who wrote the letter then? Which kids needs us? Rajveer says my staff will try to find the details. Send me a photo. I know you’re stressed. You’re so attached to the kids after we are expecting. Seher says I don’t know sometimes I feel like this baby will call you papa, and me mama. How would it feel? Rajveer says you will love it. I will also call you Tinku’s mom. They both laugh. Seher says when will you come home? He says soon.

Rajveer says did you get in the room? Seher sees the room decorated. Seher says what is all this for? Today isn’t a special day. He says it’s very special. I cracked the deal. She says congrats. He says I had to tell my best friend and wife, friends for live about it. Seher says thank you for always remembering me even after your busy schedule. Your nature is just like my dad. Seher picks the flowers and smiles. Seher says you take care of me, make me part of your happiness, God has sent you to my life. God made our couple. I miss you.

Scene 2
Ramila scolds at the servants and says what’s your worth? Seher asks what happened? She says nothing. Seher asks Ashoke. Ramila says nothing. Ramila asks them to leave. Ashoke says please don’t do this. please don’t fire us. We wanted salary early because it’s diwali. Seher says didn’t you get the salary? I can’t believe this mausi ji. You didn’t pay them yet? It’s diwali and instead of giving them salary and bonus you’re firing them? Ramila says this is my matter. Seher says I know but this is wrong. They work for us day and night and you are doing this. Ramila says to them get lost from here.

Scene 3
Omkar says I hope she understands and asves us. Gilori takes all gifts from the kids. Seher recalls the kids. Seher recalls Omkar’s letter. Seher writes Ashooke a letter thank you for always working for us. happy diwali. I hope this diwali is good for you. She gives them money and 10k bonus. All servants are happy. They come to Seher and thank her. He says you thought so much about us. We will never forget your favor. Seher says you do a favor on us by working for us. He says if mausi ji finds out.. Seher says I will tell her myself. Now you can celebrate diwali with your family. Ramila comes there. Ramila says what is this Seher?> Seher says I was coming to tell you that I paid their salary and bonus. RAmila slaps Ashoke. Seher holds her hand. Seher says please mausi ji. God and law didn’t give you the right.

Ramila says how dare you hold my hand. harsh comes and says what happened? Ramila says ask her. Harsh asks Seher. Ramila says she has to poke her nose in everything. Seher says I did what was right. You have no right to ruin anyone’s happiness. I can’t see this. Ramila says shut up. Harsh says mausi ji I know how you behave with them. Seher was right back then too and she is now as well. Ramila says I take all decisions of this house. Who is this girl to talk to me like that? Harsh says let it be Mausi ji. You made a mistake, just say sorry. I trust Seher entirely. Seher will decide everything in this house now and Mausi ji will rest. Harsh says Seher I am sorry on her behalf. Seher says I didn’t want to hurt her. Mausi ji says I know Seher. Ramila says you didn’t do right Harsh. And Seher. I will take revenge of my insult.

Scene 4
Rajveer calls Seher and says where were you? I had been calling you. Seher says are you coming back? I am so happy. He says looks like someone was missing me. seher says no I am stressed. You are coming back. I was sleeping easily on the whole bed. You look excited to meet me. Rajveer says I am not. Seher says look at you. You look so happy packing. He says so am I angry rest of the time? She says yes. He says stop teasing me. They both laugh. Seher says I am excited to meet you. Rajveer says me too. He says let me pack now. Good night. Seher says when are you coming? He says surprise. Good night. She says Good night. Love.. Rajver says what did you say? Seher says nothing. Did you pack well? He says good night. Seher says I have to say it some day but how. I love you Rajveer. No that was boring. She says Rajveer I love you. Seher recalls her moments with Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap-Ramila says what you did with me Seher I will take revenge for it. You will fall from the stairs. She pretend to fall. Seher comes on stairs. Ramila has put oil on the stairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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