Choti Sardarni 27th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher says Rajveer look at me? He says I am looking at you. Seher says but I am here. Seher says you can’t see? Oh my God. She runs out and says sister call the doctor. Raj can’t see. Rajveer says I am fine. Seher says I won’t let anything happen to your sight. You will be fine. Seher says please call he doctor.

Param comes home. Harleen says let’s have food. How was everything? Param says no one cares about me. They think I am selfish. Harleen says I told you. Only I care about you. Even Seher loves Karan. she can’t see beyond him. I know what’s good for you and what’s bad. Seher will understand too. Rest of them aren’t yours. Why do you care? Param says I really cared for them. HArleen says but now you can see right?

Scene 2
Seher says Rajveer please calm down. Let him check you. He can’t see light doctor is checking him with Rajveer says please let me see God. Seher can’t know this truth. Rajveer gets up and says I am completely fine. I can see. You’re here. Doctor is here. Seher says are you sure? He says yes. Doctor says it happens after shock. But we should do some tests. Rajveer says I am fine. I don’t need any tests. They leave. Rajvee rsays to Seher you should go. Seher says I am not going anywhere. Seher hugs Rajveer. She says thank God you’re fine. I died every moment when your life was in danger. Seher cries. Seher says why were you doing all this? Rajveer says everything is fine now. Seher says why did you drive so fast? I tried to stop you but you didn’t listen? What if it got serious? I would have died if something happened to you.

Seher says seeing your own death is very difficult. I saw my death when I saw your accident. I felt like I met the accident. I realized how important our love is. Did you now think about me once in that moment? What was in your mind? Rajveer recalls he said I love you Seher. Seher says you won’t go anywhere. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I only care about you and your love. What’s the matter that you can’t tell me? Please tell me why you wanna go away from me? Rajveer says in heart how do I tell her I will lose my vision and my life would be darkness. Seher says is someone pressurizing you? Is there anyone else in your life? Rajveer says not at all. Seher says can you live without you? He says yes. Seher says you won’t miss me? He says no. Seher says do you love me? He says yes. Seher hugs him and cries. Rajveer cries too. Seher says I know you love me a lot. I know it very well. Rajveer says yes I love you a lot. My soul, breaths, everything is you. He kisses her head. The song tu ne jo naa kahan plays.

Seher makes Rajveer eat. She gives him medicine. Rajveer pulls and hugs her. Seher falls asleep. Rajveer recalls how she tries to pull him out of the crashed car. Her hands are bruised. Rajveer kisses her hands. He hugs Seher. Rajveer says you can’t let me go away from you even if I tried my best.

Scene 3
Ginnin brings Karan back hime. Param sees him. Harleen stops him. Karan says is Param home? She says yes must be busy let me tell him. Karan says no it’s okay. Harleen says to Param don’t get emotional. Param says but Karan.. Harleen says your emotions would ruin everything. So much happened, you don’t have to do anything. You saw their double faces. You’ve to bring your time. Seher is my life like you. I will make her understand too.

Seher brings Rajveer home. Harleen says stop. Everyone comes. Seher says nani.. Kulwant says you’re the SIL. How can I let you in without rituals. She does their arti. Everyone dances. Kulwant hugs them. Seher says thank you nani. I knew you would understand me. Kulwant says you proved nothing is bigger than love. You’re more stubborn than me. she says I will take evil off everyone in this family so we always stay happy. Rana hugs Rajveer. Bitu says slowly. Bitu says sorry if we said anything bad. Rajveer says I should say sorry. I am sorry Rana. Rana says you have hurt Seher the most. Rajveer says I love her the most. The kids say don’t fight with her again. They give her hand in Rajveer’s hand.

Everyone dances. Rajveer says in heart sorry Seher I have to leave you. Harleen says what noise is this? Get out of here. Seher hugs Param and says when did you come? No one told me. He says no one cares. No one came to meet me. Seher says what are you saying?

Episode ends

Precap-Seher says Harleen bua is doing all this for Gill legacy. It’s responsibility of three of us. HArleen says two only. Seher says you want the blood of this family right? She slits her wrist. Everyone screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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