Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Sonali says Rajveer has gone completely blind. Seher says there must be some way. Sonali says there is one surgery but it has 1% survival rate. If you both agree we can try it. Seher cries. Sonali says Rajveer always tells me you are strong. Take care of him.

Bitu asks where are Raj and Seher? Karan says police is looking for them. Harleen recalls Rajveer said to her she’s to do something. She calls someone. Kulwant says who are you calling? She says I.. Kulwant says no one can save you from my eyes. You were shocked at the inauguration too. You’re on phones all the time. What are you planning? Harleen says what are you saying? She says I know you’ve done something. Are you behind Seher and Rajveer gone missing?

Scene 2
Rajveer opens his eyes. Seher says how did you think I would let you go away from me? I won’t leave you so easily. He says I’ve to go from here. Seher says let’s go home. I need to talk to Sonali first.

Kulwant says give me your phone. PAram says she’s already worried. What are you doing nani. You are accussing her. She can’t even think about it. Karan says she can do anything. Param says you know she.. Karan says we all know her reality. Kulwant asks Harleen where is Seher? Param says you can’t talk to bua like this. Karan says you can’t talk to nani like this. Rana says we should only think about Seher and Rajveer right now and you both keep fighting.

Rajveer tries to walk. Seher makes him sit. He says I am fine. Seher says yes you are fine. I am always with you. Rajveer says we should agree for the surgery. Seher says it 1% survival rate. I can’t take such a big risk. Rajveer says then what do you want? For me to live in this darkness all my life? I can’t see anything.. Not even you. Seher cries. Seher hugs him. Seher says please close your eyes. He says it doesn’t make a difference. Seher says please just concentrate. Seher says just see me with eyes of your heart. Rajveer says what are you saying? Seher says we have to be strong for each other. You’ve always been with me in my difficult times. I will stand with you as your support.

Scene 3
Param gets a call from police stattion that Seher and Rajveer are in hospital. Kulwant says let’s go. Harleen says to robbie I can’t forgive myself if something happens to Seher. I will do as Rajveer says. Param says if anything happens to Seher because of Rajveer I won’t leave him. Kulwant is praying for Seher. Karan says I will kill him if he hurts Seher anymore. Param says not anymore.

Seher says you can’t give up like this. I am with you. Will you also be with me? Seher says don’t think too much. I am with you. I will be your eyes. The eyes that you loved. Seher hugs Rajveer. Seher says I love you. She says God will be with us. Seher says outside our room is baba ji’s photo. His blessings are with us. There are balloons outside and a new year board. This room is completely white like your heart. There is a window and sun is shinning outside. Like out love. This is my visiting card. My photo looks so ugly on it. Thank God you can’t see it, you would get scared. rajveer says stop it. Enough. Why can’t you understand what are you saying? We love each other, yes. But needs take over love. This is the truth I can’t see. He trips over trolly. Rajveer says did you see? I can’t save myself. How will I protect you? is this how I will take care of you? Seher says I don’t need a husband to protect me but to love me. You fought with the goons too. We are therefor each other.

Rajveer cries. He says did my hand hit you. Seher says I am fine. See.. I am fine. Rajveer says I thought I would be your pride. I don’t want to be your burden. Seher says please. Calm down. We will be there for each other in good and bad times. How can I leave you alone in this condition. Time changes, good time comes after bad. Seher says no one can take away darkness from my life. If you stay with me, your life would be dark too. Seher says away from you my life would be dark anyways. He says you’ve no future with me. Seher says you are my present. Rajveer says please try to understand. Seher says enough. My happiness is with you. Who are you to decide what’s good and bad for me? He says yeah you’re right. Who am I to decide.

Rajveer says Seher I love you. I can never love anything like this. I can’t see you sad all your life. I can’t make you a part of my darkness. Seher says you want me to go away from you? Okay I will but answer two of my questions. Seher says you will decide if I stay in this room or go out. If I had gone blind instead of you, would you leave me alone? Second question, do you love me?

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer says I know Seher is your life. Would you all like if your princess spends all her life taking care of me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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