Choti Sardarni 2nd March 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajveer says I take care of Prince because Seher helps me. Seher says please don’t worry. He says you do all this and then this is how you’re behaved. They’re giving you conditions I won’t go to any function. We will always be together. Seher says you know we are both together. If you’re there I will be to. I can’t be at a place where I am seen with hate but you have to go. For us. Param says no Seher. My functions aren’t possible without you. Seher says it doesn’t matter my love is always with you. They hold her hand. Seher says we have to be strong. Param says everything is in trouble. We have to get Raj’s DNA test done. Raj leaves in tears. Seher says please listen Raj. He says I can’t be there without you. Seher says our hearts are always together. You video call me like my boyfriend, I slept so peacefully. Everything will be fine. Time will fix it all. We will always be together. She hugs him.

Scene 2
Prince gets ready. He says my dad is so handsome. Harleen says your friends are here. She says introduce them to Seher. Khushi says dad will be with you all the time. Bad Seher won’t be here.
Dolly says to Devika why don’t you leave this house. Stop looting us. Devika gives her juice. She says I added poison in the juice. Dolly coughs. Devika says I was joking. But i know many ways to kill people.

The function starts. Devika says to Param I know you are upset because Seher isn’t here. Ginni says Seher isn’t here. Kulwant says it’s their day. Devika says Seher will be with us in rest of the functions. Harleen comes with the kids. The kids say wow it’s so beautiful. Prince brings Rajveer. He recalls Seher decided what would he wear. Prince meets his friends. He introduces them to Raj. Rajveer sees Seher around. He smiles looking at her. Seher hugs him. He was imagining it. Seher calls Rajveer. She says I told you I would keep myself busy. I am doing NGO work. Rajveer says I miss you a lot. She says smile please. Khushi looks at him She shows Princec. Karan sees Raj and Seher on video call and Prince going towards him. He throws a paper at Rajveer. Rajveer hides his phone. Prince says dad come with me. Let’s meet my friends.

Rajveer says meet my dad. He’s superman. He’s the best. rajveer meets the kids. Princce says daddy show him your power. The kid says you look like a king. Prince says that’s why I am prince. Rajveer says to Seher I have to hide talking to you. Seher says thanks for doing all this for me and Prince. He says if you’re with me I will be alright. Prince says who are you talking to? Show me? Karan takes the phone and says I need to make a call give me your phone. Khushi says to Rajveer you will do all I want. He says i won’t. She says you can’t hurt Prince. She says let’s dance. Rajveer says I will dance but not with you.

Scene 3
Rajveer dances with Prince. Seher sees on video call. Seher gets happy. Raj and Prince dance on I will be alright. The kids dance with Rajveer. Kulwant says wow. Dolly says to before we give gifts to Devika we make our DIL do something. Devika says in heart she’s stopping me from getting what I want. Dolly says I told Bitu and Rana. Rana says you have to break that pot. Bitu says you have to break it standing on one pot. Dolly says I will keep you distracted. Kulwant says show them you can do anything. Devika stands on one side.

The cafe person calls Seher and says Harleen ordered a cake for Prince. We added peanuts by mistake, and she told us he’s allergic to peanuts. Please stop him from eating that cake. seher calls Raj but he isn’t picking up. Devika breaks the pot. Seher says I have to go there and stop them. Dolly says now next ritual, Devika will serve us all gol gappay. Seher runs on the road and says I hope they’ve not given the cake to Prince. Kulwant says to Devika you have to do pushups with me. They do push ups together. Seher runs on the roads.


Devika starts getting gifts. raj gives her a gift from him and Seher. Seher prays for Prince. The cake comes. The kids say it’s such a good looking cake. Prince comes close. Khushi says let’s cut it. Karan says we all miss Seher. Let’s cut the cake. Prince says come dad. Seher runs there and says I hope the cake isn’t eaten yet. Prince cuts the cake. Seher comes there. She shouts stop Raj.. Raj is about to make prince eat the cake. Seher rushes in.

Episode ends

Precap-Seher says di please I did it for Prince. Khushi says if you care so much for Prince then why don’t you leave him with rajveer. Give Rajveer to me for a year. Let’s do this deal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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