Choti Sardarni 3rd March 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajveer is about to make Prince eat the cake.. Seher runs in and shoves Rajveer.. Raj says Seher you here? All okay? Prince says you’re so evil you ruined my cake. Khushi says are you out of your mind? What did you do? You know Prince can’t take any stress. And I asked you not to come here. You still came. What would you do if anything happened to Prince? Seher says there are peanuts in this cake. What if he ate it, it could be risky for his life. Khushi says he’s my son. I can take care of him. You could call me. But you have to beocme a hero. Kulwant says think before you speak. Harleen says Seher should have before coming. Prince says please ask her to leave. My friends would laugh. Khushi says my son has cried already Seher. Go from here. She holds her hand Raj stops her. Khushi says this is our matter no one would between us sisters. She drags Seher out.

Seher says you did so wrong. You shouldn’t have called his friend. I did all this for Prince. He’s allergic to peanuts. Khushi says if you care so much for him can’t you see his life revolves around Raj? Why don’t you leave Raj then? I know you won’t leave him so easily. Let’s make a deal today. You’ve known him for a year right? Give Raj to me for a year. What happened? After a year he will be yours for all your life. Prince needs him. Can’t you do this for your nephew. Raj will be yours and no Prince in his life too. We will not bother you after that. Just one year. Seher leaves in anger. Khushi says you have to agree.

Scene 2
Rajveer looks for Seher. Prince says I will play with dad. Kulwant says where is Seher? Param and Karan say she’s not home. Ginni says she’s not out either. Kulwant is worried. Karan says I called her friends. She’s nowhere. rajveer cries. Param says let’s go look outside. Khushi says she’s not a kid. she can come back you don’t need to go Raj. Rajveer says Khushi you did all this if anything happens to her I will.. Robbie says you will what? Are you threatening her? Kulwant says we need to find Sehr first. They all look for her. Khushi says she’s decided to leave us already.

Rajveer is panicking. Kulwant says she will be back don’t worry. Rajveer says I am tired of Khushi. we can’t live our life because of her. Kulwant says keep calm. Harleen says to Khushi what did you say to Seher? Khushi says I told her to give me Raj for a year. Harleen says you are doing all this for a year? Dolly says what would happen to Prince after that/? Khushi says in one year you get attached. Raj will get used to Prince. He is very emotional. He won’t be able to leave him. Harleen says and you too. Harleen says smart. Dolly says now I get it. Kulwant says Seher can’t leave like this. Rajveer recalls Seher said if she ever leaves she will be looking for solution of the problem. He stops the car. rajveer says I think Seher is doing this to find the solution. we have to let her be. I know her.

Scene 3
Khushi says to Prince Seher won’t ever come back now. Prince says really? You me and dad will live together? Khushi says always. He says I will play with the toys Seher gave me. Khushi says Seher gave you toys? He says yes just now. she gave me a lot of toys and gifts. She hugged me too. And then she left. She gave me a toothbrush and comb too. Then she went to the bathroom. Khushi thinks what is Seher doing?

Seher took Prince’s samples. She comes to DNA test center. Khushi says oh she wants to get it tested. She will know Prince is Raj’s son and she will never be able to come between us again. Seher prays it’s not true. She recalls everything. seher comes to the doctor. She thinks about Prince. She recalls Raj saying he’s not Prince’s dad. Seher says I need to get DNA test done. They ask her to wait. Khushi says there are two labs only. I will get the report before Seher. Seher comes out of the lab.

Scene 4
Khushi comes to the lab and asks for the report. The receptionist says we can’t give you report. Khushi says I am Seher’s sister. She says sorry madam I can’t give it to you. she says to a ward boy get me the report, I will give you a lot of money. He says sure. Khushi says Seher and Raj have called me liar. I will prove myself.

Raj comes home. Prince hugs him. He says no one can part us. Seher is gone. Rajveer says your Seher mausi loves you a lot. She will never poart you from me. Now tell me a story. He says there was an angel. Rajveer says Seher is that angel, she loves everyone. Seher prays in the temple. Seher says I know Raj is innocent but I have to prove his innocence. Khushi sees the report. The DNA test doesn’t match. Khushi says this report is wrong. Ward boy says no this report is correct. Seher prays for her and raj. Khushi says how is this possible? Raj is Prince’s dad. That night Raj was with me. Khushi says please give us all our happiness back God. Khushi says Seher you have stooped so low. You got a fake report made. I will play a similar game. Seher says this test is for me and Raj. Please bless us.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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