Choti Sardarni 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Badi bi says your daughter needs you. Kuwlant says what did you say? My daughter is trouble? I am Kulwant Kaur. If anyone troubles my daughter I will kill them. She sits down and cries. Kulwant puts her hands in boiling water. Bitu and Rana stop her. Kulwant cries and says I am paying for my sins. I backstabbed my daughter. She recalls killing Manav and then hitting Sarab. Kulwant recalls all that she did to Meher and her family.

Scene 2
Harshdeep welcomes everyone to the party. Seher and Param have invited the kids. They hug Rajveer. They have made a card for him. Rajveer says Seher I will tell you what’s in my heart. The kids say let’s bring Seher didi. harsh calls someone and says everything should be as per the plan tonight. Param and Karan come. They say happy birthday Rajveer. They give him their family watch. Param says it’s yours from today. Karan says your heart is with us Gills. Param says did baba ji show you the way? He says yes waiting for the light.

The kids bring Seher downstairs. Seher says Rajveer tonight is the best chance to confess your love. Seher says in heart if he can’t say it I would. Seher says I.. Param says I wanted to say that I.. I was saying you look nice. Seher says that’s it? He says yes. Seher says why is he such a big duffer. Rajveer says I need water. Seher says okay, I will say i love you all of a sudden. Harshdeep looks at them. Rajveer says I love you Seher. More than my life. He turns back, Seher isn’t there. Seher is with the kids. Harshdeep says let’s cut the cake.

Rajveer cuts the cake. He makes Harshdeep eat. Harsh says not me, Seher first. They make each other eat the cake. Rajveer makes the kids eat the cake. Harsh says time for Rajveer and Seher to dance. Rajveer and Seher dance on zahenaseeb. They recall their moments together. Rajveer says it’s my birthday. Seher says really? I didn’t know? happy birthday. He says you look very pretty tonight. Harshdeep says time to hit the nail.

The party ends. The kids leave. Harshdeep says always stay smiling. I have planned a date for you both. Rajveer says thank you. That’s so sweet of you.

Scene 2
Rajveer and Seher come to the place Harsh has decorated. rajveer says this is the time to say what’s in my heart. He says seher come out please. He says our entry was so boring. Let me pick you. It’s our family ritual. Rajveer picks Seher and they enter the room. Rajveer is confused. He says I don’t get anything. Seher says pick me and do the ritual. Rajveer says do as I say. Rajveer picks her and takes her inside. Rajveer says I got you something. He gives the chunri to her. Seher says it’s our family ritual. The makes the girl wear th chunri. He makes her wear the chunri. Rajveer says in heart it happens in the movie. Seher looks in the mirror. Rajveer says Seher I.. She says say it. He says what? She says that I am fat. You said it in heart and I heard it. He says what are you? She says you made me wear chunri like it’s a sheet. He makes her wear chunri on head. Seher looks in hiseyes. Seher smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajveer and Seher come close. Rajveer hugs Seher. Seher touches his lips. He touches her hair.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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