Choti Sardarni 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kulwant is on her way. She says I am back. I won’t leave anyone. I will see who bothers my daughter.. The policemen stop her. She drives past them. Kulwant says no one can stop me now. Kulwant drives inside the Babbar house. The guards stop her. Kulwant picks a rod and says I will kill you all if I don’t meet my daughter. Rajveer and Seher come outside. Kulawnt says your mummy ji is back Meher. Kulwant sees Seher. She drops the rod. The guards grab her. Kulwant sees Seher and recalls her moments with Meher. She opens her arms. seher runs and hugs her. Seher cries. Kulwant says my daughter is alive. She cries. Seher hugs her. Kulwant says my Meher is alive. Harshdeep comes out. Kulwant says wonderful ji wonderful. Harsh says Kulwant Kaur. Kulwant says I knew God will bring you to me. My daughter is alive. I didn’t sleep for 3 years. I saw your dreams with open eyes. I kept praying to reunite with you. See you are here. Nothing happened to you. My daughter is alive. My Meher is alive.

Meher hugs her. Kulwant says my Meher is alive. Forgive me my daughter. It’s all my mistake. I made your life hell. I want to repent now. I want to remove all the sins I did. Forgive me please. Seher says Raj.. this is my grandmom. Kulwant is shocked. Kulwant says nani? What are you saying? She’s saying I am her grandmom? Seher says badi bi why is she calling me Meher? Badi bi says she’s not well. Kulwant says you always joke with me. Seher says I like to jokewith you. Kulwant says I came barefoot to meet you.

Scene 2
Seher takes Kulwant inside and washes her feet. Kulwant says stay happy. Kulwant says give me your shoe, our size is the same. Seher makes her wear her sandal. It fits Kulwant’s feet. Kulwant recalls her moments with Meher. Bitu and Rana say your mummy ji is very happy. Kulwant holds Seher’s hand and says my daughter is so skinny. I will make you eat. Rajveer says Seher I told you you are not fat.

The mental assylum staff comes in. Rajveer, Bitu and Rana go to talk to them. They say we are here to take her back. Kulwant sees them. She says to Harsh, come here. Go and bring fruits for your owner. Seher says mummy ji.. Kulwant says I don’t like this maid. She looks so clever. She might be a theif. I can tell people about their sins looking at their faces. Kulawnt says she’s your SIL’s sister. Kulwant says Sarab’s sister? Seher says yes. Kulwant hugs Harshdeep and says I am so happy to meet you. Tell me what’s in your heart? Your black heat. Karandeep. Harshdeep says Harshdeep is my name. Kulwant says it’s still dark. Wonderful to meet you.

The team comes in. Kulawnt stands behind Seher and says please save me. I don’t want to go. The doctor says we have to take her back. Her mental condition isn’t okay. Seher says she won’t go anywhere. She’s my responsibility. He says okay if that’s what you want. Sign these papers and continue her treatment. Seher signs the papers. Seher says mummy ji please eat the medicine. She says I don’t want to. Seher says for me? Kulwant eats it. Kulwant hugs Seher.

Scene 3
Harshdeep comes out and sees everything broken. She says what has this kulwant done. Bobby says she isn’t the old Kulwant. She has gone crazy. She doesn’t even remember anything. Her man comes and say didi ji the poster is ready with party logo and slogan. Harshdeep says very good.

Seher calls Param and Karan and says I want you to meet someone speical. It’s a surprise. Kulwant sees Seher and Rajveer’s photo. She says Sarabjit. Rajveer touches her feet. Kulwant gives him shagun money. She says my sarabjit. My son in law. The best son. Seher comes in. kulwant says I will take eveil eye off both of you. Kulwant takes evil eye off them. Kulwant throws the coal outside. It burns Harshdeep’s poster.

Harsh comes and says who did this. She gets angry. Harsh says who dared doing this. Rajveer says Bobby bring water. Harshdeep says everything was fine till these outsiders came. I have to do something. Seher says dida please calm down. Badi bi smiles. Kulwant laughs. She says I came and lorhi came. Bitu says should I bring revris. Rana says bring kulfi too. Rajveer says it was an accident. She was taking evil eye off. Kulwant says yes, evil eye. Tell me one thing Karandeep. HArshdeep shouts Harshdeep. Kulwant says it’s the same thing. Kulwant says I was taking evil eye off, of evil people. Why did it come to you? Rajveer says dida please let it go. It was a standee only. Kulwant says not a big deal. Kulwant sees Harsh’s burned face. She says Meher.. why is she looking at me with one eye? Badi bi laughs. Seher says I am sorry dida. Harshdeep says in heart I have to agree to everything seher says until I get my Sonu. Harshdeep says it’s okay Seher I can understand.

Badi bi says to Seher I have to go. It’s my train time. I have to go to tricky. Take care, your mummy ji is also here to take care of you. Seher hugs her. Badi bi gives adaab to Kulwant.

Scene 4
Param and Karan come. Seher says you can’t call them nani. Param says what are you saying? Seher says her memory is gone. She thinks I am mama and Rajveer is papa. Param gets teary. Rajveer hugs her. Param says we lived without our parents and now we can’t even call our nani nani. Seher says we have to be strong. We have to be her strength. Rajveer says we have to do this for her recovery. I am with you in all this.

Episode ends

Precap-Param says to Seher take care of nani. We will do anything to treat her. Kulwant says to Seher I am very sleepy. Harhsdeep says to Seher, her condition.. can we keep her? Seher says if Raj’s nani wants to stay in Gill mansion I would never say no to her. Why can’t my nani live here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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