Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Mira says what is he doing downstairs? Where’s the nurse? Mona says the nurse slept and he was scared. So he came downstairs. Mira says do we pay her for sleeping? Dadi says thank God Prema informed us they’ve left. Mira says Yug follow up on tomorrow’s event. Yug slips. He says cake? Agastya says it’s my birthday cake what else. Mira says how cute. It’s Agastya’s birthday. She sings happy birthday and drags Agastya. He says sorry I didn’t have to say it. I forgot it. She says to dadi you did Agastya’s birthday party? You forgot to invite me. Don’t act smart with me. I told you not to be near Agastya. Bulbul says it was my idea to celebrate his birthday. Everyone told me it’s his birthday so I thought we can celebrate. Mira says get out of my house. Right now. Yug says but.. Mira says don’t stop her. Bulbul says I will go to the police station right away. Mira says do what you want. Agastya says mama she’s my best friend. Please don’t kick her out. Mira drags Bulbul out. Agastya cries. Agastya cries. He says my friend.. Mira says one more mistake and you won’t be able to see Agastya’s face again. Dadi says don’t do this pleaase. Mira says we have an event tomorrow. So I am ignoring you all. But in tomorrow’s event, Agastya won’t come out of his room. Dadi says Bulbul was my only hope. What will happen now.

Scene 2
Samira says to Shanaya I found a way. When everyone sleeps, take this address and go to Mumbai. She says what about you and mom? He says we will see whatever happens but I won’t let you live in this hell. My friend will take care of you. Stay with his family. I will call you myself. Shanaya says I can’t leave you both. He says I can’t see you this way. Shanaya says we will all get out of this hell. Di will help us with her universe.

Bulbul comes to Karthik. He says you said you found a place to live? She says they couldn’t handle my attitude so I left. But I don’t regret what happened. We will go for the performance tomorrow. He says be ready.

Scene 3
Everyone prepares for the event. Mira says to Yug everyone is tired and hungry. Can we stop the work and eat first. Yug puts food in the plate and says eat. Mira comes and sees food on the floor. She asks Prema to clean it and says go get ready for the event. Yug asks Mira what benefit do we have with this event? Mira says I will get my project signed by the minister at this event.

Bulbul comes outside. Karthik says get up. We’re here. She comes out and is shocked. He says this Mira Raichand’s place. That’s where the event it. Bulbul hides her face. She says no one can see my face. Mira says to Karthik are your dancers prepared? He says yes. Mira welcomes her guests. Bulbul comes with face hidden. Yug says to everyone you got new clothes, new work today. No one should know Agastya is here. Don’t tell anyone you’re servants here. Mira welcomes th ministers. Sinha asks Mira if Agastya isn’t there minister isn’t sure if he can still give the project to you. Mira says his case is long. I will handle this project.

Agastya is asleep. The nurse sneaks out to see the event. Mira asks Yug about Agastya. He says the nurse is with him. Bulbul sees the nurse eating. She sees Agastya. She comes to his room and says he’s asleep. I can meet him after the show. She gives him blanket. A rat comes in Agastya’s room. Karthik asks Bulbul to prepare for the performance. The rat comes near Agasstya. Mira says to minister Agastya has to spend the rest of his life in jail. He’s a criminal. I will handle rest of the business. Bulbul’s mask falls. Mira sees side of her face. She says stop.. She says Pakhi.. She drops the glass. Mira turns the wrong girl and sees her face. She checks different girls but not Bulbul. She comes near her. Yug comes and says mom everyone is looking at you. Sinha says what were you doing? Do you want the contract or not? Yug says sorry on her behald. Mira says in heart I saw Pakhi.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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