Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Dai maa says she fainted. Agastya says thank you for taking care of her. He takes her to bed and says I know you’re mad at me but you will come around. I know you will love me some day. I won’t let you go away from me. Agastya hugs Dai maa. She says my Agastya is all grown up. Is everything okay? No one else came. He says no. Agastya says I am very hungry. She says I will make something good for you. Yug comes.. She says he’s the laundry guy? He misplaced my clothes. She hits him. Agastya says no no he works for me. She says what was I doing? Agastya says cook for me. Agastya says dai ma doesn’t remember anything after a miunte. She remembers me from childhood but she keeps forgeting other things. That’s why I kept Pakhi here. This property is ours but no one knows since Dai maa has been living here for years. GO to Dehli and keep an eye on everything. Keep me updated. What about Singh? Yug says he was badly injured. He’s in hospital. Yug comes to his car. Someone follows him. It’s the same woman.

Scene 2
Pakhi wakes up and cries and says please let go. Dai maa says who is she? Agaastya says you forget everything, she’s my wife. SHe met you, I told you she’s not well. Dai maa says I don’t remember. She says what should I make? He says cholay batooray. I will cook with you. She says but you’re scared of fire? Agastya says you remember all things from past but not present. I will do cutting and preps. Agastya and dai maa cook together. Agastya brings it for Pakhi. He says I know you’re mad at me. See what I cooked for you, cholay batoray. I made it with all my heart. Pakhi throws it and says you’re an animal. Let me go. He says don’t take stress please relax. You will get better. Pakhi says you’re crazy. You should have been treated in childhood. Agastya shouts and says yes I am crazy for your love. I did everything for you. Who can do that? I fulfilled all your wishes. Until you don’t accept my love you will stay like this even if it’s your whole life. You think I think seeing you like this? What should I do? I have become a criminal in everyone’s eyes. I love you so much, no one can love you like this.

Pakhi is scared. He says see it, why can’t you. Ishaan and Singh have polluted your mind. I waited for 16 years to tell you I love you. Who does that. This is nothing. I can wait for you my whole life. We are made for each other. You ruined all cholay batoray. I made it with so much love. Just calm down. Let me make something else fo ryou. I am with you, don’t worry. Pakhi says leave me alone. I don’t even want to see your face. Agastya leaves. Pakhi cries. Pakhi says please save me God. Agastya stands outside. Agastya recalls his moments with Pakhi. He hugs his teddy and cries.

Scene 3
Karan says this Agastya is very clever. We don’t even know if he’s in the city or not. I’ve called a sketch artist. With your help we will get his sketch made. Samir says please hurry up. Karan says I won’t let him go don’t worry. Ishaan trips.. His leg hurts. Samira says are you okay? Can you walk? He says I got hurt yesterday. I can walk

Agastya brings food and says don’t throw it this time. You can’t stay hungry. He makes her eat. Pakhi says I will eat myself. don’t pretend to care for me. This isn’t love. WHen you love someone you don’t place cameras in their homes and control their lives. Ishaan and Singh didn’t tell me, I found it all myself. I saw that secret too myself too. What you call life is crazy and invasion of privacy. He says I always wanted you in front of my eyes. You wouldn’t do it yourself. It’s not easy to wait for someone for 16 years. She says why are you saying 16 years? He says what do you mean? We’ve only known each other for 5 years. He says you’ve known me for 5 years but I’ve known you for 16 years.

Pakhi says what? He says when I was 8, I was burned. No one nurse would even come near me. People were scared of my all burned skin. My wounds smelled. No one ever spoke to me with love. No one cared how much pain am I in. I wanted to die but then a 5 year old girl came to my room. She didn’t hate me, she was happy and she read me stories. She had a pretty smile. I forgot all my wounds and pain. I was happy when she used to come. That girl was you. You gave me a new life. Your dad used to work in that hospital and you used to come with him. Your smile would make me forget everything. You gave me this teddy as well. Pakhi is shocked. Pakhi recalls. She says in heart now I know why he loves me like crazy, he got better because of me.

Episode ends


Precap-Pakhi hits dai maa on head and takes the keys. She goes out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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