Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pakhi asks Agastya what are you scared of the most? He says losing you. She says Mira is scared of you. You’re a hindrance to what she wants. She must be scared of you that’s why she tried to kill you so many times. We’ve to scare her. I’ve a plan. Pakhi tells Shanaya and Naveli the plan. Pakhi says to Shanaya I know you’re worried that we can’t trust Agastya. But you can trust me, right? Agastya has changed. You’ve to go out of this house and meet Mohit. They keep an eye on me. Only you can do this. I’ve explained everything to Mohit. Shanaya comes to Yug. She says can I go out for a bit to get some groceries? There’s nothing in our kitchen. He says yes you can go.

Agastya pretends to have an attack. She says Naveli call the doctor. Pakhi says please call a doctor. See his condition. Agastya can’t breathe. Dadi cries. Pakhi says Agastya.. He faints. Pakhi is worried for him. She says Agastya.. Pakhi tries to wake him up. Everyone cries. Pakhi says what did you do? Doctor comes. Mira says is he dead? Give us the good news. The doctor checks Agastya. He says Agastya is no more. everyone is shocked. Pakhi hugs Agastya.. She cries and says dodo, please. Mira says wow finally. Pakhi throttles her and says you killed Agastya. Mira shoves her and says prepare for his funeral Yug. Mira leaves.

Scene 2
Everyone cries and Agastya’s funeral. Dadi says what did you do God. Mira says to take him to the ground. No one else will go there. Mohit and his friends come as the funeral service. They take Agastya. Pakhi cries. Everyone cries.

Mohita wakes Agastya up. Pakhi comes there. Mohit says did you overdose him? I told you the amount. She says I gave him the amount you told me. Agastya wakes up coughing. He throws the medicine out. Pakhi says are you okay? She hugs him. Pakhi says are you okay? He says yes I am okay. Pakhi says I was so scared. Agastya says I will be a deadly nightmare to her life now.

Scene 3
Dadi cries and says Mira killed my Agastya. Shanaya says he’s in a better plan. Mira would hurt him more. Dadi says to Pakhi you suffered so much because of us. I couldn’t save your husband. Dadi cries. Pakhi holds sher. Pakhi says to Shanaya I can’t see dadi like this but I can’t tell her the truth. Naveli comes in and says did everything go well? Yug comes in and says what went well? Pakhi says Agastya’s funeral. Couldn’t Naveli even go for her brother’s funeral? He says stop this drama. You should be happy he’s dead after all that he did to you. Pakhi says your mom treats you worse than Agastya. He was a much better person than your mom. He says stop rubbish and do your work. He leves.

Mira calls Sinha and says I’ve ordered new things. Pakhi cleans the room. Mira says where is dadi? Pakhi says she wasn’t well. Mira says keep doing this work and your parents would stay safe. Naveli tries to make dadi eat. Pakhi sees her condition. She makes her eat. She says Agastya’s soul will always be with us. He can’t see you like this. Mira says there’s no such thing as soul. Stop this drama.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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