Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pakhi comes to the restaurant. Agastya comes and says I will always keep you smiling. Pakhi says I love you. Flowers sprinkle on her. Agastya sings for her. Pakhi dances with Agastya. Ishaan is keeping an eye on them. Agastya thinks about when Pakhi got shot. He hugs her and cries. Pakhi kisses him. Ishaan counts.. 3.. 2… 1.. enter. A guy enters the restaurant. The manager says sorry sir you can’t enter right now. He says I need to meet Agastya. The manager asks him to leave.

The guy says he asked me for some photos. I have to take my payment. Agastya says let him in. He says sir the photos you asked for are here. Agastya says I don’t know you. What photos. He says sir you are doing this because you don’t wanna pay me? You came to my shop. pakhi says show me the photos. Agastya takes the envelope. The manager asks him to leave. The photos drop.

They’re of Pakhi and Ishaan. Pakhi is shocked. Agastyaa says he’s lying. Tell me who paid you to lie. The guy says you asked me to do this. Agastya says he’s lying. Someone is doing this to create problems between us. Please trust me. Pakhi tears the photos and throws them in Agasstya’s face. She leaves. Agastya goes after her.

Pakhi comes home and cries. Agastya says Pakhi please trust me. I didn’t do this. They both cry on different sides of the door. Agastya sleeps outside. Dadi comes and says Agastya get up. What are you doing here? Come with me. Pakhi gets up. She goes out looking for Agastya. Pakhi says how can Agastya do this. How is this possible. Has he placed more cameras in the room? She uses the device and tries to look for more cameras. Pakhi cries. She says where are more cameras? Why did you break my trust again Agastya?

Scene 2
Agastya says Pakhi must be thinking I am stalking her again. Pakhi is leaving. Dadi stops her. she says someone is doing this to create problems between you two. Please trust Agastya. Pakhi says I am going home. I wanna be alone. Agastya says please listen. Pakhi says I wanna be alone for some time. She leaves. Agastya says I will find out who’s doing this. The waiter tells Ishaan Pakhi is very angry. he says nice.

Pakhi meets Prema. She says how can I not see what’s in front of me? Prema says he’s already married to you. He’s changed, why would he do this? Pakhi says I don’t know why is this happening. Shanaya says it all started when Ishaan came back. Pakhi says he’s suffered so much. He will be sp hurt. Prema says your dad would react so much. Samir comes in. Prema says sit please. He says I knew this would happen. I won’t let him ruin Pakhi’s life again.

Scene 3
Ishaan comes to Agastya’s office and shouts. He says how dare you take my photos with Pakhi. Are you stalking her again? He says easy. This is my office and I didn’t get those clicked. Ishaan grabs his collar and says you never deserved Pakhi. I hope she leaves you and never comes back to you. Agastya says she will never leave me. Ishaan says can I come in? agastya was imagining it.


Agastya says did Pakhi tell you? He says no we didn’t even speak. Ishaan says I heard you were doing a drive for handicapped people. We’ve some kids too. I will head the peads department. Some kids lost their legs. Can we do it for them? Agastya says I don’t know if I would be able to fulfill my commitment or not. Ishaan says I know you don’t wanna work with me. Agastya says it’s not like. I will ask my team to get in touch with your doctors. Ishaan hugs him and says thank you. You’ve to come for the opening. See you tomorrow. Ishaan says in heart see what I do in the press conference.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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