Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd February 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Shubhu sees Taniya.. He says what are you doing here? She says where is Ishaan? He says Ishaan is backstage.. Taniya runs to him. Ishaan is cleaning his foot. Taniya sees ishaan.. She says Ishaan I need to talk to you. He says everyone is calling me. Let’s talk in a bit. He comes out. Taniya stays hidden. Pakhi says are you okay? He says I am okay. Relax. She says how will you dance in baraat? He says I will be fine before the wedding. Pakhi says I thought you would pick me, now I have to pick you. Pakhi says who’s there.. She goes towards Taniya. Agastya distracts Pakhi. Yug takes Taniya from there. He locks her in a trashcan. Pakhi and Ishaan come out. They stop him. Pakhi says eat before leaving please. Take food for your family too. yug nods. He leaves.

Scene 2
Tnaiya cries. She says Yug sir please. My mom would be alone. Who will feed her. Please. I will go far away from my mom. I won’t even think about Pakhi. Do you have a mom too? Please? He ties her hands and digs a grave.. Pakhi says how can you do this? Your mom would be ashamed to know she gave birth to a son like you. How would you feel if your mom’s only support was taken from her? He says time for you to shut up forever. He holds her neck.. He shoves her. Yug says run. For the world you’re dead. Go far away from this city with your mom. If you ever come back you would be dead. Taniya says thank you so much. I will go far away. I will never think about Pakhi. She runs. He says my mom isn’t ashamed.

Scene 3
Shanaya says Pakhi get up it’s your wedding. Pakhi dances with Mira and Shanaya. Sami comes and says it’s my princess’s wedding. Pakhi says I won’t be here from tomorrow. He hugs her. He says you will always be in my heart. Mira says I will come to meet you everyday. Pakhi gets a text. Ishaan comes there as milkman. She says what are you doing here? Go from here.. He says I got something for you. He makes her wear a chunri. He says my mom wore it on her wedding. Ishaan caresses her face. She says someone will come.. He says you will be my bride tonight with garland in your hands. I will fill your hairline tonight. Our lives would change forever. He kisses her forehead.

Scene 4
The wedding starts. Ishaan dances with the baraat. Dadi and Agastya come too. Mira says Pakhi’s chura. She says I asked you to get a simple one. Agastya says I know Pakhi will love it. Dadi says what are you going to do Agastya? Pakhi is a really nice girl. I care for you too. He says everything will ber perfect. She won’t marry anyone. Shubhu says to Ishaan get ready. Why are you so scared? Pandit ji said this wedding can bring problems to me. Ishaan says shut up. Their dad comes.

Sami says to Dadi I am very scared. I hope everything goes smooth. Agastya says there will be no trouble in Pakhi’s life ever. Don’t worry. Agastay sasy in heart Pakhi you have to suffer today for rest of the life to be good. You’ve to suffer a bit for a happy life. Mira knocks on her door and says Pakhi open the door. Are you okay? Agastya says I’ve crossed every limit to make you mine. Ishaan’s dad asks Shubhu to bring Ishaan. He comes to the room. Ishaan isn’t there. Mira comes to pakhi’s room he isn’t there. Shubhu looks for Ishaan. Mira looks for Pakhi. She’s not in house either. Shubhu sees Ishaan’s clothes there. He gets a voicenote from Ishaan. Ishaan says there’s an emergency in hospital. don’t worry, please handle. I will reach the venue on time. Pakhi comes out of restroom and says maa what happened? She says you scared me. I was so scared. Pakhi says why would I run from my wedding. I am marrying the man of my choice.

Ishaan’s dad says where is Ishaan? Pakhi does the kaleerain ritual with her girls. Agastya looks at her and smiles. he says I will sit too. The fall on Agastya. She says you’re next dodo. Agastya says yes. He holds Pakhi’s hand. She says where? He says mandap? He takes her to the mandap. Pakhi says where are you taking me? I can’t go out like this? Shubhu comes in sehra and says you never got late anywhere and now got late for your wedding Ishaan? He asks Vikram where is Shubhu? He says he left already. The baraat leaves. Agastya brings Pakhi to mandap. Agastya picks the sindur. Everyone is shocked. He opens it and it’s black tika. He says dadi I told you she will make world’s most beautiful bride. Dadi applies tika on her. the media asks Agastya questions. Sami asks Chacha where did media come from? He says so many celebrities came because of Agastya and media came here for them too. Sami says this is troubling.


Pakhi tries calling Taniya. Mira says let’s go. She says I can’t connect to Taniya. I am worried for her. I hope her mom is okay. Mira says I will go meet them tomorrow. Don’t worry. you look very pretty. In a few hours you will leave this place. Never consider this place not yours. It will always be your home. She leaves. The baraat comes outside. Ishaan sends Pakhi a video location and says I am sending you a location, it’s very urgent. Please come there with some cash. Pakhi says where are you calling me? And cash why? Please tell me if everything is okay.

Episode ends

Precap-Pakhi says your bangles and mehndi are in my hand. She stabs him.. Agastya comes there. Pakhi screams Ishaan..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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