Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th February 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pakhi says they’re lying. It’s not possible. Ishaan can never do that. Chacha says but they’re reporting it for some reason. Pakhi says they’re calling me a murderer so am I a murderer too? They’re lying. THey have no proof. Agastya Pakhi I investigated on my own. It’s all true. He was working for Kartar Singh. Pakhi says who are you to investigate? If anyone tries to come between me and Ishaan I won’t trust anyone. Mira says calm down Pakhi please eat. Chachi people are taunting about us everywhere. Shanaya says chachi please.

Scene 2
Virat asks constable to get all news related to Ishaan. He says sir I wanted to tell you one more thing. You asked me to find out about Agastya. Your friend Natasha works in his comapny. Virat says yes I heard this name from Natasha. Agastya Raichand. Now I recall. But why is her phone off? Why do I feel like Agastya has done all this.
Virat comes to hospital’s cold storage. Manager says only Ishaan had key to this room. Virat says and he’s a children’s doctor? He says yes cancer patient. He loves kids so much, he made their last days a lot better. Virat looks around. He removes the vent.

Pakhi says I want to meet ishaan. Agastya says come with me. Sami says stop Agastya.. He says I know what am I doing. Agastya takes Pakhi to cold storage. He says I knwo it’s not easy for you to trust but I wanna show you something. See human organs, kidneys. Ishaan kept them here. He stole them so he can earn money. Pakhi is shocked.

Scene 3
Shubham says what does media want? They can say anything about Ishaan? Ishaan’s dad says we also heard media and called Pakhi wrong. Shubham says police is investigating. I am sure they’re both innocent. Ishaan’s dad says I hope Pakhi forgive us. Shubham says she will. She will understand. She’s very sensible.

Ishaan shows the list to Pakhi. Constable says this list has all kid’s name he stole kidneys of. Ayesha Thakur was left to operate. Pakhi says Ayesha was that kid I used to tell stories. Agastya says it was her surgery next week. She had to be his next victim. He would have stolen her kidney and Ayesha won’t have survived. Do you think he’s still innocent? Do you still trust him. Virat comes and says are you a policeman? Constable says yes he knows more than us. Virat says only I knew about the organs here. How do you know? Agastya says I fund this hospital, I might have some sources too. Pakhi says I can’t believe my Ishaan could do this. Agastya says he was never yours. Pakhi says Ayesha loved Ishaan so much. How could he do this? Pakhi cries. Agastya says I know it’s not easy for you. She runs. Agastya goes after her. Virat says he has information before police? Keep an eye on him.

Pakhi comes to Ayesha. She says did you and friend get married? He said he will come and tell me stories after the wedding. Pakhi says before the wedding my eyes opened. Nothing will happen to you Ayesha, I promise you. Ayesha says Ishaan promised I will be okay after the operation. Pakhi leaves in tears. She walks out of the hospital crying. Pakhi cries. She looks at Ishaan on the bed. Pakhi recalls the news. The song humari adhuri kahani. Pakhi cries and says why is this happening with me. Why? Universe gave me so many chances. i saw him taking drugs, that girl.. I was blind. I thought it was my fairytale. He misused my trust. She throws the ring and says where am I stuck. Pakhi cries. Agastya picks the ring.

Scene 4
The doctor tells shubham we can’t keep Ishaan. His dad says he was working here. The doctor says but he did a crime. We can’t keep him here. Management has decided. Ishaan’s dad says my son hasn’t done anything. He says it’s management’s decision. Agaatya comes and says let me handle. He says uncle please let me help. I will shift him to the best hospital. Ishaan’s dad says okay. Thank you. Agastya says let me see him. He comes to ishaan’s room. He says Pakhi doesn’t know this ring is mine. The right to make her wear is also mine. You are Pakhi’s life’s biggest mistake and I am her Universe.

Pakhi cries and says I am really sorry papa. I made the worst mistake in recognizing Ishaan. Sami says don’t say sorry. It wasn’t your mistake. We all made a mistake. Police will find out about his gang soon. You’re innocent. Agastya comes in and says our Pakhi will be proven innocent. Mira and Sami leave. Agastya shows the ring. Pakhi recalls her engagement. Pakhi says why did you bring it to me? I don’t want anything related to Ishaan near me. Throw these clothes too. He says should I throw dadi’s ring? She says dadi’s ring? Agastya says Ishaan lost his ring on engagement date. I took dadi’s ring and gave it to him. He asked me not to tell you so I didn’t. Pakhi says the engagement I was considering a new start to my life was a lie. Agastya says let it go please. Pakhi cries and says I want to forget all of it like a bad dream. I will be okay, don’t worry about me. Thank you for your suprport just go away from me. You have a life too. He says you’re my life. I will never go away from you. I will never go away from you. I will always be around you. He wipes her tears. Pakhi says I don’t want anything related to Ishaan near me. She throws the clothes.

Scene 5
The nurse says Agastya has arranged everything. Ishaan will get the treatment here that he got in the hospital. Agastya comes, he says best doctor would treat him. Ishaan’s dad says thanks a lot Agastya. Agastya says it’s your place. You can come here anytime you want. He’s like brother to me. Shubham says thank you so much. AGastya says you boh should go home and rest. The nurse tells Agastya I saw Ishaan’s fingers moving. he can come out of coma anytime.

Episode ends

Precap-Mira says to Sami Agastya loves Pakhi a lot. No one can love her like this. He says we should talk to Agastya and dadi about it. Sami is in car with Agastya. Agastya says I am glad you got to know reality. Ishaan is out of Pakhi’s life. He throws Sami out of the car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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