Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pakhi asks Shanaya to calm down. Mohit says I will here. Pakhi runs after the goon. Ishaan asks what happened? Pakhi says that the man attacked Shanaya. He’s here. Someone takes that man to a lab. It’s Agastya’s detective. He says I was tracing his location. I found out he’s in hospital so I informed you and police. Agastya is there.

Agastya asks who asked you to attack Shanaya? I wanna know who made you do it? Say it. He says I don’t know who he is sir. I only got his call and he sent the message. He wanted the blame on you. Agastya takes his phone and says to check his call records. Ishaan says he must be hidden there. Pakhi says how do you know? He says that’s the store. Pakhi comes there.

The goon is sitting at Agastya’s feet. He says sorry sir I made a mistake. Agastya gives him money and says don’t make such a mistake again. If you blame Shanaya’s attack on me, it won’t be good. Pakhi is shocked. Ishaan smirks. The detective says thank God we caught him otherwise he would blame you. Pakhi is shocked. Pakhi leaves. Ishaan gives thumbs up to his detective Anand. Anand is working for Ishaan. Agastya says we can’t hit him, what would be the difference between them and us then? Take him to the police.

Pakhi cries. Ishaan kicks the teddy Agastya brought for Pakhi. Samir says to Shanaya let’s go home. He packs her bags. Samir asks where is Pakhi? Mohit says she’s coming. Pakhi comes there. She recalls everything. Samir asks did you find the goon? Tell me why are you so lost? Pakhi says I couldn’t find him. I will come later. You go home with Shanaya. Samir says are you okay? She says yes. They leave.

Samir asks Pakhi why didn’t tell unccle? Are you okay? Dadi calls Agastya. He says I will find that person soon. I will tell Pakhi that goon came here. I know she trusts me. Pakhi says what would I tell papa? My husband attacked Shanaya? I trusted him again and he fooled me again? I can’t do this. I regret my stupidity. Ishaan says I knew he would break your trust again. What will you do now?

Agastya says I should go to Pakhi’s place. She was very happy. She wanted to tell me something. Pakhi leaves the hospital. She’s shaken. Pakhi says why do you always break my trust. First, you harmed my dad and now Shanaya. She cries and says no one is more important than my family but you keep harming them. Why are you doing this? I won’t forgive you now. I won’t trust you again. She holds her belly and cries. Ishaan calls Mira and says our plan worked. Pakhi and Agastya won’t be together anymore but I will decide what happens with Pakhi now. She will only be mine. She will be in my life. She left me alone and married that Agastya. But this time she has to choose me. Agastya will lose.


Scene 2
Prema asks Shanaya are you okay? She says yes I am fine. Samir says in his heart how will Prema react when she finds out Shanaya will never be a mom. Agastya comes. Prema says Agastya.. Everyone told me how you saved Shanaya’s life. Agastya says don’t say that. She’s my sister. How is your mom now? Prema says she’s better now. He asks wher eis Pakhi is? Shanaya says she stayed in the hospital to speak to the doctors. She says one of the goons was in hospital todyda. I saw him, di tried to catch him but he ran away. Agastya says I know. My detective took him to the police station.

Pakhi cries on the way. She says I’ve decided what to do. I kept trusting you and you kept lying. I know what to do now.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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