Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Mohit calls Pakhi. She says I came to the corner where there are no cameras. He says you sound worried. Pakhi says am I doing right? So many lives are in danger. Agastya is in anger. He says who is it? Not Samir, not Ishaan, not singh. Who could it be? I am being outplayed. Who can play me? I can’t find that person. He stabds with the chair. Her bangle is on it when she threw it in anger. Pakhi says God will show me a way. She sees a flower and she picks it. Pakhi says it’s the same door I heard noise behind. She comeas near the door. Pakhi says I feel like something is behind this door. She tries to open it. Agastya throws the chair in anger. The bangle falls. Pakhi says Yug can’t do anything either. Pakhi tries to open the door. Pakhi tries to open the door. Agastya steps on the bangle and leaves. He doesn’t see it.

Pakhi opens the door. The room has a lot of boxes. Pakhi sees another underground place. She goes downstairs. Pakhi sees many paintings. Pakhi says what is this room for? She looks around. Pakhi says nothing is here? She falls and sees a cloth in blood. It has S written on it. Pakhi says this is papa’s napkin. THat means.. She sees chains. Pakhi cries and says Agastya kept papa tied here. He was here all this time in this house and I didn’t even know. I thought he’s no more and he was in this house. This means Agastya kept papa tied here. She cries. Pakhi says I was living a good life upstairs and my papa was here tied and in so much pain. She recalls Prema saying listen to your heart. Pakhi says I need to fight this war now. She calls Ishaan and says Shubham was right. Agastya can kill anyone. It’s not a big deal. My papa was lucky he’s alive but what he did with you I was thinking if I am right. I can’t back out now. God has given me a sign. I don’t want anymore pain on you. I can’t risk your life. You can back out. THis is my fight. Ishaan says what are you saying? I can’t leave you alone. This isn’t your fight. He’s harmed me too. It was my decision to take revenge from him. Pakhi says are you sure? He says yes. Pakhi says we have to hurry up we can’t hide from him for long. I have a plan. She tells him the plan. He says what are you saying? Pakhi says I have to do this to expose him. Talk to Maya.

Scene 2
Pakhi says to Agastya you are not eating well since days. Have this food, I cooked all your favorite dishes. He says it smells so good. Courier comes. Pakhi takes the parcel. Agastya says that blackmailer might have sent it. Let me open it. He opens the parcel. It has a black box. Agastya opens and it throws a needle on him. A toy plays inside. Agastya screams.. Pakhi says what happened? Agastya falls down on the ground. Pakhi says Agastya what happened? Dadi comes. Pakhi says he opened the box and this happened to him. I don’t know what happened. Dadi calls a doctor. They pick him and take him to a sofa. Naveli says there’s a needle on his neck. Agastya can’t breathe. The guard says it was thrown by that toy. It might have a poisonous medicine. Pakhi recalls she said to Ishaan talk to Maya and find out what Agastya was giving you to paralyze you.

The doctor checks Agastya and says throw that needle he’s been given indonome injection. It paralyzes the person. Agastya recalls he gave the same injection to Agastya. Agastya says in heart it was the same injection I was giving to Ishaan but only Maya knew about it. SHe can’t have courage to go against me. Who is playing my games on me? Doctor says the dose wasn’t too strong. I wonder how did that person get this medicine? It’s not easy to find. He will be fine by tomorrow since the dose wasn’t a lot. Pakhi sees the doctor off. Pakhi looks at dadi and says sorry dadi I don’t want to hurt you but he needs to feel the pain he gave to others. Mona says whoever is with you gets paralyzed. First Ishaan and now our Agastya. Naveli says mom stop it please. Let’s go from here. Dadi says Pakhi sorry for what Mona said. Pakhi says I understand. You should rest. I am with Agastya. Pakhi says I am sorry dodo. That parcel was for me. I wish I opened it and got the pain myself. Everything will be fine. I am with you.

Scene 3
Shubham says to Ishaan how long will you risk your life? Some people are keeping an eye on our house. If they found out you’re using the backdoor to meet Maya they can kill you. It’s getting dangerous. Ishaan says I had no other way. I want to get Agastya punished. Shubham says it’s too risky. Ishaan says let’s wait for tomorrow. Pakhi’s plan is solid. Shubham says fleeing Singh from jail? Is that your plan? It’s a crime. You can go to jail. Stop all this please. Ishaan says we have to.

Pakhi calls Shanaya and says I don’t know what curse is on our family. Agastya will be fine by tomorrow. He opened that parcel instead of me. He can’t move or eat, can’t even talk. I feel so bad for him but he will be fine by tomorrow. Don’t tell papa. Pakhi says Agastya you will be fine. I am with you. Try to sleep please. Pakhi drops a book and says ouch. She says it’s okay it’s not a lot. She says is there anything after the cupboard? It sounds hollow. Is there a room behind it? Agastya can’t move it. Pakhi says I shouldn’t bother you. I should check tomorrow. Agastya says in heart if she sees it I will be exposed to her. Pakhi says you have to be in pain till I expose you.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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