Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Meiin : Ninad Ashwini ki Milan !

Ashwini emotionally asks Ninad if he remembers the sweetness of their love, can they bring it back in their life. Ninad nods yes and says he wants to laugh with her even today like their honeymoon days. He thanks Virat and Sai for their help and says usually children cannot clear parent’s debt, but they cannot clear children’s debt forever now; they made him realize that he loves Ashwini forever. He hugs Ashwini and then Virat and Sai. Family rejoices seeing that. Sai says modak did it. Virat says it was not possible without mirchi.

Ninad says Virat was right that he stopped trying to revive their friendship years ago, can they try it again. Shivani asks Ashwini to answer. Ashwini shies. Sai says their bride is shying and cannot answer easily. Shivani whistles. Whole family except Sonali and Omkar insists her to reply soon. Ashwini says yes. Everyone clap for them. Ashwini hugs Ninad congratulating him, leaving Omkar and Sonali jealous. Sai hugs Virat, leaving Pakhi jealous. Karishma taunts Pakhi that it looks like Virat and Sai are celebrating their anniversary. Ashwini’s sister greets happy wedding anniversary to Ninad and Ashwini. Virat tells Sai that she stole something. She gets angry and asks what did she stole. He says she stole aayi and baba’s letters from their wedding album and did wonders by reuniting them.

Omkar and Sonali criticize Ninad for celebrating wedding anniversary and hugging Ashwini in front of everyone. Ninad holds Ashwini’s hand and tells Omkar and Bhavani that they all 3 misbehaved with Ashwini till now, but they should learn from their mistakes and correct it. He warns everyone that he will not tolerate anyone misbehaving with his wife and praises Ashwini’s sacrifice for their house and working tirelessly for them.

He says Bhavani takes care of house and keeps family united, but Ashwini with her hard work to fill their stomach and keep this makaan/4 walled mansion as ghar/house, etc., and continues. Everyone clap again. Virat says he can proudly say that his father is his hero. Ninad emotionally hugs him and says his son is his hero. Ashwini calls mirchi/Sai and says she didn’t know even mirchi/chilli can spread sweetness in lives. Ninad and Sai take their blessings. Sonali tries to provoke Bhavani, but Bhavani says she is okay with it if her children are happy.

Virat and Sai rejoin Ninad and Omkar’s bed. Virat jokes on Sai. She says very funny. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and watches her moving around and decorating room and offers her flower. She remembers Mahabaleshwar incident and asks why he wants to give this rose to her. He asks if she remembers what he is remembering, laughs and says her face is red like red mirchi. She says she doesn’t want same thing happening to aayi and baba.

He reminds that she shouted on him that day. She says it was is mistake. He apologizes her for his mistake and tries to leave. She stops him and laughs saying his face is swollen like balloon, chubby modak. He also laughs and thanks her for the magic she did to reunite his aayi baba and make them realize their love for each other; he offers her flower as a friend. She accepts it. Devi enters and seeing that excitedly says Veeru proposed Sai, she will inform everyone. They get tensed.

Precap: Sai thinks her friendship journey with Virat is turning into love, she is missing Virat’s room and him. Bhavani thinks she will end friendship drama which Ashwini infused in Sai’s mind, Sai has to look at her and Virat’s relationship in a different way.

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