Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th June 2024 : Savi – Ishaan’s Closure !

Ishaan asks Savi why she said that she wants to talk to him one last time. Savi says their togetherness was only till here; the day he divorced her and decided to marry Reeva, their relationship ended then; even then, they continued to meet; there shouldn’t be any bitter memories of the past haunting them, so she wants to end it with good memories. Ishaan says the way she saved him today, things got back to their old self again.

Savi says she is genuinely sorry for blaming him for her family’s death, he had gone there to save them instead, Samrudh killed her family and not Ishaan, it’s proved after Suman’s issue that he is a king hearted man who can go to any extent to help others and even helped her with good intentions, she understood it after Suman’s issue and frees him from allegations, there is no grudge against him now. She continues that he knows a person can’t get what they wish for and hence she fell in his love, but he fell in Reeva’s love; it’s not wrong that he loves Reeva, hence she wants him to be happy with Reeva and build a new world with Reeva; it’s not good for everyone that they meet repeatedly, hence she decided to leave Pune forever after her final exam.

Ishaan is shocked to hear that and asks where will she go, what about her dreams. Savi says she will shift to another city and think of IAS coaching from there. Ishaan says I.. I, then stops recalling Surekha’s warning and says I am worried for you. Savi says she wants to hug him one last time and hugs him tightly. Lagja Gale Ke Phir Ye Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho.. song plays in the background. Ishaan also reciprocates. They both recall all the quality moments spent together from the beginning till now.

Savi then separates and says he is chidkya and that is his USP, so he shouldn’t change in life. Ishaan says even she shouldn’t change should always be fighting for her rights and truth. Savi promises. Even Ishaan promises her. They both then walk in opposite directions. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Ishaan gets back to his car. Reeva sits besides him and asks if everything is alright. Ishaan says yes, let’s start our new journey, is she ready? Reeva says she is ready since long. Ishaan drives away. Harini comforts Savi and says when she is in so much pain, then why did she take this decision. Savi says there was no other option and says they will leave Pune after her final exam a day after tomorrow. Ishaan returns home and apologises Swati for his rude behaviour towards her and Reeva and say she will marry Reeva a day after tomorrow as scheduled, will go on a honeymoon to Pari and will stay there for 2 months for a teacher’s conference after honeymoon. Family gets happy hearing that. Yashwant says that is really nice.

Next day, family decorates house for Ishaan’s prewedding ceremonies. Ishaan looks at Savi’s gifted cufflinks and recalls Savi’s decision. Chinmay with Anvi walks to him and requests him not to take a rash decision of marrying Reeva and sacrifice his love for Savi. Ishaan doesn’t listen to them and asks them not to talk about this topic again. Chinmay says he is going on a wrong path. Anvi says she knows whom to contact now to stop Ishaan from doing wrong. Somewhere in Europe, Shantanu tells Isha that it has been a long time after their conference here, they should return back home.

Isha says she doesn’t want return home when her own son doesn’t want to accept her. Anvi calls Shantu. Shantanu is surprised to see someone from family calling after a long time, picks call, and asks Anvi if everything is alright. Anvi says nothing is fine here and asks if Isha is also there. Shantanu says yes and switches on speaker. Anvi describes whole story happened in Ishaan’s life after they both left Pune till now and says Ishaan and Savi truly love each other, Ishaan is doing a mistake of marrying Reeva, only Ishaa can save Ishaan and Savi’s love story. Isha says Ishaan doesn’t listen to her. Anvi says Savi listens to her though, so she should come and save her son’s love story soon.

Precap: Savi in bridal attire reaches exam hall and after writing exam asks Ishaan where is he. Ishaan in groom’s attire says where they had met for the first time. Savi reaches him. An assassin shoots at them and blasts bombs.

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