Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th June 2024 : Savi Proves Ishaan’s Innocence !

Bhanwar Patil tells Ishaan that the court will decide if he is innocent or guilty, but for the time being he is under arrest. He arrests Ishaan and takes him out. Reporters and mob chant a slogan against Ishaan and curse him for ruining an innocent girl’s life. Patil rescues him from mob drives away in a jeep to police station, looking at Savi. He puts Ishaan in lockup and accusing him of killing an innocent girl. Ishaan says he is innocent. Patil beats him. Savi warns in and warns him to dare not touch Ishaan until he is proven guilty as only he is accused and not proven guilty yet. Patil asks her to go from here and tries to touch her. Ishaan shouts at him to not touch Savi. Patil says she is right that crime is not proven and it’s police’s duty to get the truth out, so she shouldn’t teach him law and should go from here. Savi thinks she has to protect Ishaan from this monster. Patil sends her out with constable Asha.

Savi recalls Suman’s video and her dead body and thinks something is wrong, things are not like they are seen, why did Suman wrongly accused Ishaan and then committed suicide, she needs to prove Ishaan innocent at any cost. She reaches Suman’s house wearing a shawl and searches for a clue. She finds Suman’s laptop and is shocked to see Bhanwar Patil’s folder in it. She hides into a cupboard seeing a policeman entering the house and prays god to help her get the laptop. She thinks if the policeman is Patil, then sees it’s Inder. Inder notices a shawl near the cupboard, acts as walking out, then returns and catches Savi in the cupboard. He asks what is she doing and is she holding Suman’s laptop. Suman tries to escape, but he holds her. Savi says if she tells him, he will try to save his psycho friend Patil.

Yashwant/YRB with Nishi and Chinmay visits commissioner and requests him to save Ishaan. Commissioner says he can’t do anything as the case is hyped now. Savi walks in and says Ishaan is innocent, he is the kind hearted man she has ever seen who can never harm anyone. She says she can prove him innocent and even knows who is the criminal. Inder walks in next and says she is Savi. Savi shows him Suman’s audition video where Bhanwar makes her enact as Savi and pleading him to accept her love. Savi says Patil is a pscyho who is behind her since a few days. Commissioner says how wills he prove Ishaan innocent. Savi plays video further where Patil makes Suman accuse Ishaan of ruining her life and threatening to commit suicide. Inder says Patil is a schizophrenic who imagines things, he had earlier ruined a girl’s life and forced her to commit suicide and many similar cases are pending against him.

Patil enjoys tender coconut water in front of Savi’s tea shop. Constable praises him for trapping Ishaan in a false case. Patil says Savi is not to be seen yet. Savi reaches there with police commissioner and Inder followed by Ishaan and YRB, Chinmay, Nishi, and Reeva in another car. Patil is shocked to see Ishaan there and asks what is he doing here. Mob gathers. Commissioner says he is ashamed to call Patil as a policeman and tongue lashes him for his heinous crimes. Patil says Ishaan must have lied against him and brainwashed commissioner. Savi asks why did he ask Suman to enact as her and wrongly accuse Ishaan. Commissioner asks Inder to take back Patil’s service revolver and badge. Patil tells Inder that he is his friend. Inder says a criminal and psycho cannot be his friend.

Savi slaps him for trapping Ishaan wrongly and killing innocent Suman followed by Ishaan for putting bad eyes on Savi followed by YRB for trying to harm his nephew. Patil determines to take revenge from all. Students attack Patil for trying to wrongly trap Ishaan. Inder takes Patil away. Reporters praise Savi for saving Ishaan like Savitri saved Satyavan, even after their divorce. Chinmay asks YRB to thank Savi for saving Ishaan and their family’s dignity. YRB says she is the root cause of their problem, this all wouldn’t have happened if Savi hadn’t entered their lives. Chinmay tells Savi that he is proud of her and if he gets a daughter, he will make her like her Savi bua/aunty. Surekha gets jealous and asks Reeva to take Savi from there. Reeva excuses herself and thanks Savi for saving her Ishaan. Savi says she wants to talk to Ishaan one last time.

Precap: Savi in bridal attire reaches exam hall and after writing exam asks Ishaan where is he. Ishaan in groom’s attire says where they had met for the first time. Savi reaches him. An assassin shoots at them and blasts bombs.

Update Credit to: MA

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