Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : A Family Date for Virat & Sai !

During a dinner outing, Savi gifts a sari to Sai. Sai asks when did she buy it when they came together. Savi looks at Virat and lies that she got it when she was returning home with Bhavani. Sai asks her not to lie as she never gave her any gift before. Virat asks her to stop questioning a kid and accept her gift as her sari was torn yesterday. Sai asks if he brought this sari. Virat nervously says no. Sai insists Savi to accept that her baba brought this sari. Virat denies.

Sai plays a trick and asks Savi why did she bring her sari when she knows she likes suits more. Savi asks Virat why did he bring sari instead of shalwar suit and asks if they are caught. Virat nervously says its okay. Savi asks Sai to stop fighting with baba and patch up with him, she has become a jasoos/spy since she they came here. Sunny enters and says not jassoos, its khadoos jasoos.

Virat is surprised to see Sunny, hugs him, and asks where was he till now. Sunny says he had messaged and phoned him that he is going to Australia, but Virat never called him back till now. Virat says its a big story, he will explain it later. He asks Savi if she is little Sai. Savi says she is young Savi. He says he is her Sunny chachu and asks how is Sai bhabhi. Sai stands sadly. Sunny asks if they fought again. Savi asks how does he know. Sunny says he is her parent’s friend even before she was born; they used to call each other by different names like Modak, mirchi, khadoos jasoor, etc., when they fought. He says he is happy to see Virat’s perfect family and asks just like little Sai, there should be little Virat.

Savi says she has Vinu dada. Sai agrees that they have a son. Sunny gets more happy. Sai reveals that they are not together. Sunny asks not to joke. Savi says aayi baba have really fought. Sunny asks what about Pakhi. Sai reveals that Pakhi is Virat’s wife now, legally officially. Sunny stands more shocked. Virat asks him to visit him in 1-2 days, he will explain him everything.

Pakhi while cooking imagines Virat and Sai happily feeding ice cream to each other and is about to cut her finger when Vinu stops her and asks her to be careful. He sees tears in her eyes and asks if she is upset. She says no, she is cutting onion to prepare pizza for him. He asks her to close her eyes and gifts her a sari as a holi gift. Pakhi asks when did he buy it. Vinu says he was collecting money in his piggybank since a lot time to gift her something. Pakhi says she liked it a lot and thanks him.

she says let us party with a pizza. He says okay and walks out. She feels happy. At the restaurant, Virat asks Sai not to vent out her anger on food, he knows Sunny entry and their discussion turned awkward. He reminds her that whenever they used to fight, Sunny used to be their cupid and patch them up. Sai says nothing can be changed now, not even Sunny or anyone else; they will never unite again even if god wants to.

Virat says how to tell her that his heart never loved someone else and how to convince her that he thinks only about her all the time and he can sacrifice his life to hold her hand. He holds her hand and says if her hand is not his in hand, he feels as if he doesn’t have the lines of fate in his hand. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein.. song plays in the background. Sai alerts him and says soup fell on Savi and not her hand. Savi wipes her hand and says its okay as soup was cold. Virat realizes its his imagination and thinks when he promised Pakhi not to leave her hand, then how can he hold Sai’s hand.

Precap: Pakhi spoils Sai’s rangoli and says this house belongs to her and she is DIL of this house, so only she has right to decorate the house for festival. She fails to correct rangoli design. Sai taunts says when a person pays his/her attention on destroying someone’s life, they can’t correct their own life fearing something will happen to them.

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