Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Aai & Kaku Discuss About Sai & Virat’s Relationship

Bhavani makes Karishma and Pakhi clean store room. Karishma says its very dirty. Bhavani scolds her and says she is making her clean it as its dirty. Sonali praises Bhavani for teaching Sai a lesson. Bhavani says she had to. Karishma says her words will not affect Sai and asks Pakhi if she is right. Pakhi remembers seeing lipstick marks on Virat’s shirt and feels jealous. Sonali asks if she is happy seeing Bhavani scolding Sai. Pakhi thinks Bhavani shouldn’t have demanded Sai to stay in Virat’s room and even have a baby. She says Bhavani is right and should strictly behave with Sai as usual. Karishma says like Bhavani forced Sai to grind masalas on stone grinder last time, but she forced Sonali this time.

Sonali acts as victim. Bhavani promises it will not repeat again. Sonali gets happy. Pakhi asks why did she sent Sai and Virat in same room and demanded baby from them. Bhavani says Sai thinks she can manipulate anyone and nobody would question her, and regarding baby demand, Sai and Virat’s differences will clear after that. Ashwini enters with halwa for Bhavani and says even she and Ninad had baby and continued their differences for 37 years, but got reunited with Sai and Virat’s effort. Sonali asks why she advocates Sai always. Ashwini says she just speaks truth and asks Bhavani if she can speak to her alone. Bhavani asks reason. Ashwini says not as head of family, but as one of family member. Bhavani sends Sonali, Karishma, and Pakhi to leave. Sonali asks Karishma to bring Mohit to her room. Pakhi gets more jealous remembering Virat touching Sai.

Ashwini asks Bhavani if she ordered Sai to shift back to Virat’s room. Bhavani says as a head of the family maintaining peace at home is her responsibility; Omkar and Sonali felt and she comforted them; if she fulfill Sai’s all demands, even other bahus will demand and may shift to another room if they fight with their husband. Ashwini says with her sudden demand, Sai and Virat’s relationship may get sour again and they may part ways, then how will she dream about having a grandchild.

Bhavani says children are not born just like that, she needs to force them to stay together and bear a baby before they any problems separate them, she cannot let Virat live a lonely life. Ashwini gets emotional seeing her concern for Virat. Bhavani says she sees her husband Nagesh’s image in Virat and has high hopes from him. Ashwini says she respects her concern, but it would be too early if they force them. Bhavani says they both should realize that they are not kids now and should move on in life.

Sai feels distraught after Bhavani’s unusual demand. Virat touches Sai to comfort her. She backs off and asks if even he wants a baby. He says he is just comforting her like a friend like she did. She breaks down more and then calms down. He asks whether they were ready for their marriage. She says no, she wanted to run away from village to escape marrying gabbar. He acts angry. She says he was gabbar then, but her friendship changed him. He says she is opening up with her friend, he went through same situation with her and was feeling why he is forcefully binding himself in this relationship, but today the truth is different and he doesn’t repent marrying him. She asks is it true Virat sir. He asks why is she calling her friend Virat sir. She says sorry modak. He says one issue is still troubling him.

Precap: Sai asks if surely wants her to shift to his room after diwali. He says he will get his transfer if she doesn’t want to. She says he wants her to go, only aayi will stop her. She says he will not let her go. She says even she will not let him go. He saks why. She says because he is her.

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