Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Ashiwni Asks Sai to Leave ; Virat’s Panga with Ajay Kamble !

Ashwini comforts Pakhi and assures that she will go and question Sai, and if Sai answers her questions, she can stay here or else go from here. Sai drives Virat’s car while Virat rests. Virat says she drives well. Sai recalls Virat teaching her driving and says a khadus taught her driving. Virat says she taunts him even for his good work. She says sorry. He says he needs some praises.

Sai reveals that she was angry on him as she thought he informed Pakhi about Vinu, but later learnt that it was Jagtap who thought he is helping her by doing this. Virat says Jagtap worsened the issue instead by informing Pakhi. Sai drives til her hospital and asks Virat to drive to his police station carefully. Virat says even she should take care of her. Sai says even he should and walks into hospital.

Virat reaches police station. His subordinates chuckle seeing earring stuck in his collar. Virat asks reason. Subordinate says bhabhiji’s earring is stuck in his collar. Virat smiles recalling Sai hugging him while trying to apply car’s emergency brakes and feels good. Kamble walks in and asks Virat why is he inquiring about him. Virat asks why did he trouble Dr Sai. Kamble says he didn’t know that Sai is his ex-wife.

Virat asks why did he apply ash on Sai’s face even after learning about it. Kamble recalls Sai slapping him and says she did something and deserved that. Virat gives him a tight punches making him fall down and warns him to mend his ways or else he will face encounter. Once Virat walks in, Kamble’s lawyer brings anticipatory bail and says they can’t beat of arrest Kamble. Kamble determines to take revenge from Sai on the day of holi festival.

Sai returns home and notices Savi teaching drill to constables. She apologizes constables on Savi’s behalf and asks Savi not to trouble constables. Constables say they enjoyed it and asks Savi where did she learn it. Savi says she used to watch it Kankauli police camp and her baba is a police officer. Savi walks into outhouse and sees Ashwini there. Ashwini says she brought cooler for Savi. Sai thanks her for thinking about her and Savi. Ashwini says Sai didn’t think about them though. Sai says she didn’t understand.

Ashwini says when Sai was Virat’s wife, Pakhi was a second woman; she supported Sai against whole family as she also faced Sai’s pain once, but now situation has changed and Pakhi is Virat’s wife and Sai a second woman, so Sai is wrong for interfering between Virat and Pakhi’s life. She asks why don’t she understand that when a man is happily staying with his family, a second woman shouldn’t go and stay there and destroy his family; she feels sorry for Pakhi and Vinu who are afraid of Sai, so Sai should go from there.

Sai gets teary eyed hearing Ashwini’s allegations and says she considered Ashwini as a mother, but Ashwini created distance between them by accusing her; does she think she came to break Pakhi’s house; why she thinks she should live with one child and sacrifice another child, would she have done same if she had 2 children; she cannot choose between 1 child and is here to calm her son down and take him back as taking back her son is not called snatching.

Ashwini says she is not cruel to snatch a child from her mother, but she is in a dilemma where there is Pakhi on one side who cannot bear a child and Sai on the other side who already has a daughter, Pakhi lives only for her son and husband and she considers Pakhi as her daughter, so Sai shouldn’t break Pakhi’s heart, etc.

Pakhi frames Sai’s earring and fixes it on wall. Bhavani asks if she is in her senses, who frames earring. Pakhi says we fix photos to remember their past, she fixed it for Virat so that he can smile seeing it why entering and leaving the house.

Precap: Virat knocks Sai’s door looking worried. Sai opens door and asks why did he come here. Virat says Bhavani told she needs help. Sai says he should pay attention to someone else and not her. Virat says why shouldn’t she, she is his children’s mother.

Sai says her one child hates her so much that he threw her papared lunch into dustbin, its because Virat filled poisoned in his son’s mind. Virat says he didn’t. Sai asks if he did anything to remove that poison from her son’s mind, he should be worried when she takes her both children from his house.

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