Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Ashwini & Virat try to Comfort Sai !

Virat tells Sai that he will find out who attacked her and mislead Geeta. He says its clear that Pakhi had not visited Geeta’s house and he is hurt seeing Sai wrongly alleging Pakhi. Bhavani yells that Virat loves a woman who doesn’t want their heir to come in the world, she hates Pakhi since the beginning, etc. Pakhi starts her drama and acts as having panic attack. Bhavani comforts her.

Pakhi says she is always blamed and tried to be proven as a criminal. Virat says Pakhi did a good virtue instead. Bhavani rudely tells Sai that she is taking Pakhi home and warns Sai not come near Pakhi even by mistake. Virat says he doesn’t want any troubles at home. Sai walks away saying she looks wrong to him now but soon will realize the truth.

Sai returns home. Ashwini gets worried seeing her bandage and asks what happened to her. Bhavani brings Pakhi in and calls Sonali and other. Devi asks Sai what happened to her. Virat informs that Sai had a minor accident, but she is fine now. Bhavani asks Ashwini to forget Sai and ask if about the surrogacy procedure. Ashwini says seeing her happiness, it looks that the procedure went well, but why Sai looks tensed.

Bhavani reveals that Pakhi is the surrogate mother of Virat and Sai. Ashwini is shocked to hear that. Virat says lets end this issue here now and just remember that Pakhi is carrying his and Sai’s baby. Omkar and Sonali feel happy. Mansi leaves saying she can’t say anything when they all already decided it and thinks whatever happened was wrong.

Ninad says he is happy that his family’s legal heir will grow up in Pakhi’s womb instead of a stranger. Sonali asks what about the woman Sai had selected, did she elope. Sai says if she tells how Sai tricked them, many will feel bad, especially Bhavani. Virat asks Sonali not to talk about it with Sai. Shivani asks Sai if she is fine. Sai walks away. Sonali asks Karishma what must have happened in the hospital.

Karishma says something big must have happened there. Bhavani says whatever happened in the hospital doesn’t matter, Pakhi’s pregnancy will be confirmed within 14 days and she wants them all to take good care of Pakhi for the next 9 months until their legal heir comes in the world and if someone tries to trouble Pakhi, she will not spare them.


Virat takes food for Sai and asks her not to burn in the fire of anger and says she should be happy that their baby will be born via Pakhi soon. Sai says Pakhi was interfering between their lives since the beginning and he let their baby develop in Pakhi’s womb without her permission. She walks away from there. Virat thinks they were excited about getting their baby in the world, but why Sai is not happy.

Sai cries sitting on the terrace recalling recalling Virat refusing to trust her. Ashwini comforts her and asks her what happened in the hospital. Sai says her words and opinions don’t matter in this house, Pakhi without her permission tricked her and became a surrogate. Ashwini says she cannot change whatever happened and should be happy and prepare herself to dedicate her life for the baby. She says a baby is the world for the mother and says though Pakhi would bear the baby, it would belong to Sai.

Vaishali visits Pakhi. Pakhi boasts how she fooled Sai and become a surogate of Sai’s baby. Vaishali says its not easy to fool Sai and Sai will find out how Pakhi fooled her. Pakhi says Geeta was the only link to find out truth and she manipulated Geeta and Yogesh to hide the truth.

Ashwini continues convincing Sai to accept that Pakhi is the surrogate now and if something wrong has happened in the hospital, god will punish the culprit. Virat walks in. Bhavani leaves. Virat also tries to leave. Sai asks if he will go without saying anything.

Precap: Pakhi tells Ashwini that even she is taking care of her after the procedure, but Sai is making her feel as if she did wrong. Sai walks to them. Bhavani yells at Sai.

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