Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Bhavani’s Shocking Decision to Unite Sai & Virat !

Virat’s car breaks down midway. While a mechanic repairs his car, he recalls expressing his love for Sai and even promising Pakhi to never separate Vinu from her. He hears church bell and walks into the church. Father/priest asks him how can he help him. Virat says he just dragged himself in hearing a church bell and doesn’t know why he came here. Father says one should pour of what in their heart and clear a burden from their heart. Virat says even he wants to confess something. Father asks him to get into a confession box. Virat gets into confession and says he doesn’t know from where to start; there is a fight between his brain and heart since a few days; he is stuck between his duty and heart and doesn’t know what is wrong and what is wrong; he is following responsibility towards a woman who supported him when had shattered completely; she married him and helped him adopted his son Vinu.

He continues that he doesn’t love his wife Pakhi, but didn’t have problem living with her; his dilemma started when his ex-wife Sai returned in his live and he still loves her; he ignored his feelings initially, but when he saw her in trouble, he couldn’t control his feelings and realized that he can’t see Sai in pain and was crying seeing her shattered; he hugged her and promised to always be by her side; he is dreaming about a happy life with Sai, Vinu, and Sai, but his responsibility towards Pakhi doesn’t let him complete his dream. He breaks down and says he wants to live with Sai as he feels happy with her,

but he can’t betray even Pakhi; he doesn’t know what to do, but he knows for sure that he can’t forget Pakhi; he needs a right path. Bhavani hears his confession and gets emotional. Father returns and asks what is she doing in confession area. Bhavani recalls entering church with nuns and hearing Virat’s conversation with father, says she just wanted to see how it works. Father says its a restricted area and only father is allowed there. Nuns inform him that she is Bhavani who came to see school. Father takes her to show school.

Virat returns home, gets into kitchen, fills plate and eats food right there. Pakhi enters and asks if Sai didn’t feed him food. Virat asks why is she dragging Sai between them. Pakhi cries that Sai has ruined her life. Virat says if she had seen Sai’s condition, she would have felt pity on her. Pakhi says he feels pity on Sai always, he should show some mercy on her and his son at least; Vinu was having high fever whole day due to fear and needs someone’s presence around him. She blames Sai for Vinu’s condition and says he should be ashamed to call himself as Vinu’s baba. Vinu hears their conversation and returns to his room. Virat walks to him. Vinu acts as asleep. Virat pampers him and says he need not worry as his father will protect him always.

Next morning, Bhavani visits temple with Sonali and offers 101 coconut to god. Sonali says she had taken oath to offer 101 coconut if god shows her a right path and asks if god showed her a right path. Bhavani says yes and its between her and her god; she thought Sai is the reason for all their problems, but now realized that she is the solution for all their problems; she will use all her powers to reunite Sai and Virat and needs god’s help. Virat visits Savi with modaks and asks how is she. She says Masta Masta.. Virat says she is mimicking her elder aaji. He offers her modak. She feels excited and says she will finish everything. He says she should share some with Sai. She says aayi is back to her normal self. Sai walks to Virat and says she needs to talk to him. Virat fears if she heard him expressing his feelings for her.

Percap: Sai asks Savi if she found who her real father is. Savi says she knows, its Virat Chavan. Sai asks who told her this.

Update Credit to: MA

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