Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Chavan’s Bless Sai ; Court Trial Begins !

Satya’s aunt asks him if he has gone on a date with Sai. Satya says he has a court date tomorrow and asks why she called him. A mother calls for a doctor’s help when her son suddenly starts frothing while having food. Sai rushes to boy’s help. Satya also rushes to the boy and seeing froth from his mouth gets an anxiety attack recalling his wife Girija also going through same situation. Sai treats the boy and then rides Satya’s bullet with Satya as a pillion and taunts Satya for his behavior.

Next morning, Sai gets ready for court hearing. Bhavani brings sweet curd as a good luck for her and says she became a doctor while she was at Chavan Nivas and she knows the value of her degree for her. Sai stands confused. Bhavani says she must be confused that her biggest hurdle is supporting her and continues her speech. Sonali says Bhavani fed sweet curd to Virat 5000 years ago when he went for an IPS exam and never fed sweet curd to anyone.

Pakhi takes Ashwini’s blessings and asks her to feed sweet curd to her and wish her good look as only she can understand her situation. Ashwini says she understands her situation and hence wants to suggests her to take back the case if she wants to save her family. Pakhi says this is the only way left for her and asks who will bless her if she also doesn’t support her. Ashwini says she can’t support wrong. Ninad and Omkar wish Sai all the best.

Ninad then asks about Virat as his presence is also important in court hearing. Pakhi says Virat is missing since last night. Bhavani says she doesn’t have to worry about Virat and feeds sweet curd to Sai. Vinayak feeds sweet curd to Pakhi and wishes her all the best in her exam. Pakhi says her son’s good wishes are enough for her and nobody can stop her from passing her exam. Sai and Pakhi then leave for court.

Court hearing starts. Judge asks if all the people involved in this case are present. Sai’s lawyer says DCP Virat is missing. Judge asks reason. Virat rushes in and apologizes for being late. Bhavani asks Virat if he completed his task. He nods yes. Medical council member requests judge to consider Sai’s plea as a mistrial and give verdict in favor of Pakhi as that person put a pressure on them to favor Dr. Sai and Dr Pulkit.

Virat says with all due respect, he never met her before. Council member says she is talking about Bhavani. Judge asks her to explain in detail what happened. Lady goes into flashback where Bhavani promises to get a land allotted for her hospital if she favors Sai and Pulkit. Virat asks Bhavani why did she do that as he had already tried that. Bhavani says she was just trying to help Sai.

Judge says in that case he will consider Sai’s case as a mistrial and starts his judgement when Virat stops him and requests to let him speak with his permission. Judge permits. Virat apologizes judge on Bhavani’s behalf and assures that Sai didn’t know about Bhavani’s effort. Sai says yes. Virat says he wants judge to listen to a few people from Kankauli. Kankauli’s people walk in. Virat introduces them. Judge asks how are they related to this case.

Virat says a doctor’s talent can be judge by her patient’s verdict. Kankauli people describe how Sai performed Gayatri’s complicated delivery, fought with a local goon for them and got a hospital in Kankauli, and treated many other patients free of cost. Pakhi’s lawyer asks how is Sai’s social work related to this case. Virat says he wants to show that patient’s life is more important to Sai than anything and requests judge not to pronounce undertrial without a proper investigation.

Dr. Satya says he can take Dr. Sai’s guarantee as Sai’s principles are above all for her, so even he wants to request judge not to give any verdict without a proper trial. Judge says since a medical council member took Sai’s guarantee, court gives a chance to Sai to prove her innocence. Sai thanks judge while Pakhi fumes.

Precap: Dr Satya asks provocative questions to Pakhi and makes her reveal her intentions. Judge gives verdict in Sai’s favor. Virat congratulates Sai.

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