Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Distance Ends for Sai & Virat ; Pakhi Jealous !

Pakhi walks into Sai’s room and apologizes her for disturbing him when she is leaving for her work. Sai says its okay and asks if she needs anything. Pakhi says she wants her to help her celebrate Samrat’s birthday. Sai says she remembers its Samrat’s birthday today and wants to celebrate it, but hasn’t discuss about it with Bhavani yet. Pakhi says she has an idea with which Bhavani will agree to celebrate the birthday.

Sai asks what is her plan. Pakhi says she will explain it later, but came now to share coffee with her like she used to with Samrat. Sai makes her sit and starts coffee with her. Pakhi asks how is she balancing between personal and personal life. Sai explains. Pakhi says she is lucky to have Virat as her husband who supports her always. Sai says she is.

Pakhi asks if Virat went to work. Virat walks in just then holding his bed. Pakhi is stunned to see that and asks if everything is alright between him and Sai. Virat says Sai was reading his new patient’s case study till late night, so he slept in another room. Pakhi thinks he is lying, she knows there is a rift between them, she will misuse the opportunity and get closer to him.

Ninad tells Ashwini that he is tensed since yesterday. Ashwini says even she is and didn’t know to express her concern it with him. Ninad says he is worried for Virat as he still thinks he can have a baby from Sai, he is going away from Sai slowyl and is unable to accept the truth. Ashwini says she is more worried for Sai as she needs Virat’s support in this situation. He agrees. She says Bhavani wanted to discuss with Virat and Sai about surrogacy when Pakhi returned with Mansi, she is surprised that Pakhi praised Sai. He says even he felt weird. She says god knows what’s Pakhi thinking.

Pakhi eners Bhavani’s room. Bhavnai gets angry seeing her. Pakhi says she knows she doesn’t like her and even doesn’t want to celebrate Samrat’s birthday, but it was Sai’s idea. Bhavani says she saw even Pakhi praising and hugging Sai. Pakhi reminds her that she used to her favorite bahu once. Bhavani asks her to be specific. Pakhi says she saw a dream where she noticed Samrat sad that his family forgot him and wants to have food with his family, so she wants to celebrate Samrat’s birthday for the peace of his soul.

She says she knows Bhavani is in sorrow due to Sai’s miscarriage and inability to bear the child in the future, she cannot give her any happiness, but wants to celebrate Samrat’s birthday and make him happy at least. Bahvani asks if she is telling truth. Pakhi says she, Sai, and Virat are very sad and wants to make the family happy with this celebration. Bhavani permits her and says only family members will attend it. Pakhi hugs and thanks her.

Sai and Virat make poooja arrangements to celebrate Samrat’s birthday. Shivani and Rajiv praise Sai that she can do anything. Sai says its Pakhi’s idea. Pakhi walks to Sai and thanks her. Mansi praises Pakhi in front of Bhavani. Vaishali says Pakhi is in deep pain and they should help her move on. Bhavani asks if she means she wants to perform Pakhi’s second marriage.

Mansi says Pakhi wants to be Samrat’s wife forever. Vaishali walks to Mansi and asks why did she make her say that. Pakhi says she wants to impress Bhavani and get closer to Virat. Vaishali says Virat and Sai are inseparable. Pakhi says even a stone can be broken with persistence, soon she will separate Virat and Sai and get into virat’s life.

Pakhi lost in deep thought while lighting lamp drops the match stick on her sari. Her sari catches fire. Devi panics seeing fire. Virat sets off fire with his bare hands. Pakhi shows her concern for Virat, then gets alert and asks Sai to check Virat’s hand. Virat says he is fine. Pakhi recalls the quality time spent with Virat during their yoga camp and gets teary eyed.

Sai announces that they are celebrating birthday of a person sh stays in their heart. Everyone clap while Mansi gets sad. Sai cheers up Mansi with her speech. Devi asks Virat to go and stand near Sai. Virat walks towards Sai while Pakhi looks jealous.

Precap: Sai asks Virat to sleep in the while she sleeps in another room. He holds her hand and stops her. Pakhi takes tea for Virat in the morning and not finding him there gets tensed thinking if he slept with Sai in the same room.

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