Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : It’s Reunion Time !!

Virat asks Sai what did he tell Sunny. Sai says she told Sunny that he wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary. He says he didn’t. She says even aayi was telling same, he must be planning to become old khadoos again. She continues venting out her anger on him not letting him speak. Virat insists Sunny to leave, but she stops him and asks to support her. Sunny silently walks away in lieu of having water and then tells Sai that he felt bad seeing what she did with Virat in Mahabaleshwar. Virat asks him to be silent now and not exaggerate issue. He shows Ninad and Ashwini’s anniversary pics. Virat asks him to mail them to him and sends him away.

Ninad gets romantic with Ashwini and hugs her. She says he never got romantic with her in years. He says she used to turn her face. She opens up and says she used to feel that there is something between him and Bhavani seeing him puppeting Bhavani and Bhavani insulting her often. Ninad says Bhavani took care of him and Omkar after his elder brother Nagesh’s death and single handedly handled both house and business, so he immensely respects Bhavani. She says she should have spoken to him instead of keeping her doubt in mind for years. He hugs her and asks why was she suffering since years instead of speaking to him. She says they wasted years and should spend their remaining lives together, her only desire now is. He says he knows, to refix Virat and Sai’s relationship. She says yes, but fears Pakhi’s interference. He asks her not to worry about Pakhi as he will handle her, and he gets romantic again.

Virat watches Ninad and Ashwini’s anniversary pics and says Sai is looking very beautiful in them, Sunny clicks pics really well. Sai snatches his phone and says watching pics says aayi baba are looking so happy and cute. He says he wants to take her to the past once. She gets angry and asks not to think about it. He says he wants to clear what did he speak with Pakhi in a cafeteria.

Pakhi continues brainwashing Bhavani and says Sai is controlling even Samrat now and slowly started controlling elders, etc. Karishma comments Sonali that Pakhi would get a gold medal in acting. Pakhi says she learnt sanskars and never argued with elders, Bhavani should take back control of house before its too late. Sonali backs Pakhi and says they want to leave house because of Sai.

Pakhi says they will lose important family members because of Sai, people will get a chance to badmouth about Chavan family; if Bhavani doesn’t react now, soon Sai will control even them. Karishma says her number will never come as she feels its better to bear aayi baba’s taunts than Sai’s praises. Ashwini says Karishma means Sai doesn’t have Chavan family sanskars/morales and even Bhavani is losing her morales. Omkar says anyways they will leave this house soon.

Bhavani says she scolded them as a head of the family and will not let them leave this house, Sai shamelessly sent her in-laws in a room and if they let her in Virat’s room, she will do more heinous acts. Omkar says whatever it is, his decision will not change. Bhavani gets emotional and says she took care of him since his childhood and changed his dirty clothes, but he doesn’t want to change his decision, he became so big that he is speaking looking into her eyes and considering him as bigger than her.

Virat tells Sai that she wanted to know what Pakhi told him day; she asked if she should start a new life with Samrat or wait for him. Sai walks aside. He says he is speaking to her. She says she doesn’t want to listen and whatever he and Pakhi spoke, he should keep it to himself. He says he is her friend now and whether she wants to or not, he wants to share everything with her. She says she knows that he will not return to Pakhi as he will not betray his brother. He says he wants to even clear that he was holding Pakhi’s hands to console her. Sai says she overreacted that day even after knowing that she doesn’t consider him as her husband. He asks if she doesn’t consider him as even a friend. She says yes. He thinks he wants to see her happy being just a friend.

Precap: Virat thinks he loves Sai and will she love him or feel the way he feels for her, hope that day comes soon.

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