Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Kaku Commands Sai to Move Back into Virat’s Room

Virat says after all this, it’s clear that Bhavani still doesn’t like Sai. Bhavani says and she will never like Sai. She won’t let Sai break her family and it’s unfortunate that she is Virat’s wife. Virat asks if she’s upset because they celebrate his parents’ anniversary? He says it was his plan so his parents can come closer. Sai was just helping. Bhavani tells him that he never behaved like this before Sai. She points that Virat and others are dancing on Sai’s fingers. She asks Virat how he can decorate his parent’s room like a wedding night room. She then attacks Virat’s parents that even if Virat decorated room, why they didn’t tell anything to him. Sai tells Bhavani that she doesn’t need to feel bad about what Bhavani is saying. Virat agrees. Bhavani says no one understands anything in that house and that’s why she has to lecture everyone. Sai says it’s not Ashwini’s fault, so don’t tell her anything. Bhavani continues objecting how Virat’s parents can spend night in such decorated room.

Virat tries to speak, but Bhavani tells him to shut and let her speak. She says Omkar had decided to leave the house, but she somehow convinced him to stay back. She saved the house from breaking. Nimad says that’s good. Bhavani says she is not happy. Nimad asks why when she convinced Omkar to stay back? She asks why she had to convince Omkar? Nimad gets quiet. She continues that she has decided that the house rules won’t change for anyone. She looks at Sai. She says Ashwini and her close ones are not remembering their place and not following the rules. Nimad says that’s untrue. Bhavani says Sai had an incident, but why everyone is still giving her so much importance. Pakhi says this is what she has been trying to say. Ashwini says why she didn’t tell her directly. Pakhi asks why she would tell her. She is not the household of the house. Ashwini says she didn’t say that, but this is about Sai and she has taken every decision about Sai. Bhavani interrupts saying, and I am going to change that.

Ashwini tells Bhavani that she talked to her about this already and matter was sorted. Bhavani says the matter has just started. When she thinks about it, she feels that Ashwini didn’t tell her anything, nor she took her permission. She just gave her decision. That time she stayed quiet to maintain peace in the house. But she was wrong. Sai interrupts again telling Bhavani to tell her whatever she wants to instead of Ashwini. Bhavani asks her to stay quiet until she is asked to speak. Sai asks Bhavani what happened that she is that angry with her? Virat says, you gave her so much love. What happened now? Bhavani says, I just realized my mistake and now I am seeing other family members’ mistakes as well. First she wants to correct Ashwini. She keeps calling Sai my dear, my daughter. When someone goes on wrong path, you have to bring them on the right path. She did that with Omkar and Sonali and now it’s Virat and Sai’s turn. Hence, she has decided that Virat and Sai won’t stay in separate rooms. Pakhi thinks why Bhavani has to do this. Ashwini says, you’re attacking Sai again. Bhavani says she’s just following the rules of this house. No wife has stayed away from her husband in this house till now and it will remain that way.

Sai tells Bhavani that she stays in her room alone. Omkar, Sonali, Pakhi attack Sai asking what kind of comparison is that? Pakhi says Sai is taunting Bhavani of being a widow. Sai says she didn’t mean that. She didn’t even think like that, but still she says sorry to Bhavani. Bhavani tells Sai not to compare herself with her. She orders Sai to pack her stuff, she has to go to Virat’s room. Ashwini tries to defend Sai. Virat asks Bhavani, you are angry with Sai regarding something else, right? Bhavani says she’s just taking decision that she should have taken long time ago.

Ashwini recalls doctor’s words that if Sai and Virat have even a slight friendship, then everything will be sorted between them. She tells Bhavani, you are taking this decision to change my decision, right? But I request you not to make my children pay for the anger that you have against me. Bhavani says, I don’t have time that I tell you reason behind my decision. Ashwini says, you know how important it is for Virat and Sai to stay away from each other. I took expert’s advise and came to this decision. And I have seen their relationship improving by staying away. Bhavani says couples are taught to live together. Pakhi says, you’re right. Even I and Samrat are doing the same, but Virat and Sai’s case is different. Sai keeps saying her marriage is just a deal. If they have no relationship, then you don’t need to teach them importance of marriage. Sai tells Pakhi, you are saying as if I and Virat sir live like strangers. It’s not true. Since they are living separate, they have become best friends. Bhavani taunts Ashwini that all this is because of her. Friends and being husband-wife is different. She further says that if Sai wants to stay in this house… Virat asks then? No matter what Sai won’t go anywhere, she will stay in this house only. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Bhavani gives 7 days time. Until then Sai must shift to Virat’s room and by next year, she wants their baby. Virat and Sai get shocked.

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