Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Mohit Shocked to See Virat With Shruti

Virat informs family that Shruti is his friend’s wife and she was in trouble, so he had to visit her yesterday. Omkar says what is his friend and where does he stay and what problem did his wife get that he had to meet her at midnight. Virat says he doesn’t have to know that and tells DIG that he helped his friend’s wife out of duty and hence didn’t feel important to report him.

DIG takes him aside and informs him that Sada’s dead body is missing before they took him for postmortem and hence department needs Virat back and he cannot take leave at this time. Virat requests to give him to give him 2-3 days leave and let him sort his friend’s issue, then he will return back to duty. DIG asks him to send him a leave request to approve it and walks away. Virat then sees Sai going out and asks where is she going early morning. She says he is asking her where is she going early morning, but didn’t want her to ask him where he was whole night.

Virat walks to his room thinking how to inform Shruti that Sada’s dead body is missing. Sai returns to get something from cupboard and clashing with him says it was unintentional. He asks her not to taunt him. She asks him to answer her directly then. He says he is not in a mood to argue with her. She asks when she shall she come to argue then. He asks her to leave him alone. She says she returned to take her ID card and is going to college, not like him who went uninformed. He thinks Sai is hurt and he will inform her everything later, but right now he should inform Shruti about Sada’s missing dead body. Shruti calls him.

Sai reaches college lost in thoughts and clashing with a student scolds him instead. Pulkit notices that and asks if she is fine as she is at mistake. Sai apologizes. Virat reaches Shruti and insists her to visit a doctor first. She says she couldn’t perform her husband’s last rights, so at least she wants to pray for him at a temple. He thinks he cannot inform her about Sada’s missing dead body and says he will take her to temple. Pulkit calms Sai and asks her to explain what is happening in detail. She informs that Virat went to meet his friend’s wife Shruti at midnight and explains whole story in detail. He suggests her to trust Virat and sort things out calmly.

Mohit reaches same hotel for audition and notices Virat taking Shruti into his car. He questions receptionist who informs that Virat was staying in hotel room with his pregnant wife since 2 days. Virat takes Shruti to doctor who scolds him for not taking good care of her during pregnancy. Sai returns home and vents out her frustration on food. Mohit walks in and thinks how to inform her seeing Virat with a pregnant woman.

Precap: Sai tells Mohit that she is unable to understand changes in Virat since a few days. Mohit suggests her to find out.
Pakhi asks Virat where was he as Sai was worried for him. Virat rushes out without answering her, leaving everyone confused.

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