Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Ninad Plans to Bring Sai Virat Closer

V irat walks to Sai’s room and wakes up Sai. Sai asks Pakhi how her voice became so heavy. He says its Modak. She sits and asks when did Pakhi go. He asks if she is fine. She says she has nose block. He promotes Vicks Vaporub and explains its qualities. She says whenever she used to get cold in childhood, Aaba used to give her nilgiri old and camphor steam. He says it has both of these ingredients and much more. He mixed vicks in steam and asks her to inhale it.

On the other side, Ashwini irons Ninad’s clothes. He thanks her. She says there is no need to thank. He says he wants to thank her for her 37 years of hard work. She smiles. He breaks his shirt button and tries to change shirt. She stops him and fixes button. He shyingly asks he wants to know if their son and DIL love each other. She says there is no need to shy talking about their children and says her decision of keeping them in different rooms is working and their relationship is stabilizing. He says even he is seeing that. She says their relationship will get more better if they obey Bhavani and bear children. He agrees and says even he wants to do something for children. She asks if he really wants to, he should take them for diwali shopping and let them spend quality time together. He says usually he and Omkar go on diwali shopping every year and he must be ready by now, so he has to convince both Omkar and Bhavani now.

Virat tells Sai that he came to check on her. She says he should check on his best friend who was getting nightmares and expecting to hug him and sleep in his room. He asks not to talk senselessly, Pakhi didn’t want to hug or sleep in his room, she agreed to sleep in Sai’s room. She laughs and says he is so innocent and put Pakhi in awkward situation yesterday.

He says Pakhi is his Jiva’s wife and he has a responsibility towards her. She hopes people value relationships like him. He asks her to have her medicine. She says her medicine course is finished yesterday itself and dances. He asks why didn’t she inform him yesterday. She thinks he wouldn’t have visited her room if she had informed yesterday. He thinks if she wanted him to visit her room and hence didnt inform him. They both joke and laugh when Ninad enters. Sai is surprised to see him in her room. He says when she can visit his room, why can’t he visit her room and asks them to get ready for their family’s diwali shopping.

Bhavani orders Karishma and Pakhi to dust furniture and says she loves making diwali shopping list. Omkar says he loves shopping. Ashwini informs that Ninad decided her, Virat, and Sai to go on diwali shopping. Bhavani asks how can Ninad take decision himself without her consent. Omkar yells next. Virat tells Ninad that Bhavani and Omkar will get angry if they go on shopping, so he should take Omkar like every year.

Ninad says he is going for some work and hence Ashwini will go with them and even get them diwali gift. Sai gets excited hearing about gift. Ninad says Ashwini must be busy taking permission from Bhavani. Bhavani yells at Ashwini for planning shopping with her bahu without her permission and says even other bahus would demand shopping with their MILs. Pakhi as usual badmouths about Sai followed by Sonali and Omkar.

Ashwini says they should let new generation learn their traditions and responsibilities. Virat enters and says aayi is right, she should let youngsters take up responsibilities. Ninad backs him. Omkar yells if he wanted to send his children and wife on shopping, why did he ask him to accompany for shopping last night. Drama continues. Bhavani’s team continue their verbal abuse. Sai tries to convince them. Sonali comments if it was in her hands, she would have changed Virat’s wife.

Precap: Virat arranges Sai’s books in his room and discusses about shifting back to his room; he further discusses about a person’s reentry in his life and fears losing Sai because of her/him.

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