Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Pakhi Schemes to Get Intimate With Virat !

Pakhi thinks she cannot tolerate even imagining Sai and Virat reuniting and wants to make Virat realize that Sai is unfit for him, so she needs to meet Virat and spend some time with him. Virat shows his concern for Pakhi and says he should go and check her. Sai says she already checked and gave her medicine, she must be resting now. He reminds her about visiting her college again to finish remaining formalities.

She says Pakhi will accompany them again. He asks why will she as she accompanied them today to see of Samrat. She says she accompanied and slipped off to garner his attention. He says she is still stuck at same point. She says Pakhi is still stuck at him and wants him back in her life. He says she is looking the past with blur glasses. She says as a woman, she will explain her view and he should listen to her silently like a friend. He promises. She says she could see a spark and happiness in Pakhi’s eyes when he was lifting her today. He says she is wrong. She asks him to listen silently as a friend and says she can understand Pakhi’s mind. He defends.

Sunny enters and seeing their argument tries to leave. Sai notices him and asks why is he expressing as if he made a mistake by entering her room. He says he came here directly to meet Virat as he thought Virat has shifted to this room. Virat says he was suggested to but not yet. Sai says if he is modak’s friend, then he is also her friend and extends friendship hand. He accepts looking at Virat. She then discusses about their third college friend Sadanand. Sunny says just like she and Virat organized Ninad and Omkar’s wedding anniversary party, Virat and Sadanand used to organize all college parties. Sai jokes on Virat and continues pulling their legs. They get tensed. She clicks their pics, shows it to them, and laughs saying she was pulling their legs. Sunny says Sai reminded them of Sadanand today.

Pakhi walks towards Virat’s room thinking of meeting him and gets happy when she notices Virat. Virat asks what is she doing here. She acts as having leg pain. He asks why did she come out in pain. She says she saw a weird dream of Samrat going on a mission again and getting shot. He says its a weird dream and she should calm down. She starts shedding tears. He goes to get kerchief for her. She enters room behind him. He asks why did she enter his room. She says she shouldn’t have and tries to leave. He stops her and says she seems emotionally labile and shouldn’t sleep alone. She gets happy hearing that. He says she should sleep in either Bhavani or Mansi’s room. Pakhi gets disappointed and takes kerchief from him.

Sai enters and says she can help Pakhi, she knows Pakhi needs Virat’s attention. Pakhi asks what does she mean. Sai hugs her and says she gets frightening dreams since years and knows Pakhi’s condition. Pakhi frees herself. Sai asks if she didn’t like hugging her. Virat asks Sai to go and sleep as she has college tomorrow. Sai says Pakhi can sleep in her room if she wants, she will feel safe seeing her next to her and can make diwali arrangements afresh. Pakhi gets more angry and complains Virat that his wife is dumping her work on him. Virat says she misunderstands Sai always.

Sai says she will sleep in Pakhi’s room instead. Pakhi frowns and denies and thinks Sai is her life’s biggest nightmare. Virat insists Pakhi to sleep in Sai’s room and drops them both to Sai’s room. Sai massages Pakhi’s foot. Pakhi shouts what is she doing. Sai says she is stretching her foot for better circulation and speedy recovery. Virat says Pakhi is a medial students and knows what she is doing. Once he leaves, Pakhi continues frowning on Sai and thinks Sai becomes Virat’s baby’s mother, what will she do then, so she shouldn’t let that happen. Sai switches off lights and asks her to rest, thinking she knows Pakhi still loves Virat.

Precap: Bhavani tears shopping list and says only she takes all the decisions. Ninad says he is sending Virat and Sai for shopping with a reason. Bhavani says she will not give special treatment to Sai. Ashwini asks why did she seek a heir from only Sai. Sai says in that sense, she has right to opine. Sonali says if she could, she would have changed Virat’s wife.

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