Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Pulkit & Sai Save Shruti’s Life !

Shruti’s doctor thanks Sai for explaining Virat about the risks involved in Shruti’s surgery. Sai thinks Virat loves Shruti and not her. Pulkit asks doctor to ask Mr Chavan to sign a consent form soon. Virat thinks he doesn’t like Sai calling her Mr Chavan. Sai tells him that his loving wife will be fine soon as Nagpur’s one of best doctor Dr. Pulkit is operating on his wife and even she will take care of his wife after her surgery.

Virat signs consent form. Sai says she will also take care of his son, he kept a nice name Sahas to his son. Doctor praises Virat that he took good care of his wife pre and post delivery and he will live happily with his wife and son after surgery. He thanks her and walks away. He thinks why don’t Sai understand that only she is his wife and he needs her support.

Sai cries profusely. Pulkit consoles her and says she can go home if she doesn’t want to attend surgery. She says its a good start for a budding doctor and she needs to control her emotions and act professional. He asks why she is sacrificing so much and punishing herself.

She says she wants Virat to be happy always and let him stay with his real wife and son, etc. He says she doesn’t need to do this. She says god has sent him to perform this operation. He says she is supporting a person who ruined her life. She says she cannot punish Shruti and her baby for Virat’s mistake. He prays for her happiness. She wipes her tears and says she is fine and lets check Shruti’s reports.

Shruti’s surgery starts. Virat waiting outside prays god to get Shruti well soon. Pulkit with Sai walks out of OT. Virat asks how is Shruti now. Pulkit says he performed operation, Shruti lost a lot of blood, and if god wills she will be fine soon. Sai thinks she feels weird seeing Virat giving her place to someone else and caring for her like he used to care for her.

She tells Virat that he is lucky that even after bringing his wife far away from her and Dr. Pulkit fate brought them here and help him. He says she is taunting him since she came here, but he still says that he didn’t do anything wrong. She says even she was trying to convince his family that he didn’t do anything wrong and they should accept his wife and son. Doctor walks to them and informs Virat that Shruti needs to be kept under observation.

Virat returns home. Pakhi asks if he was with Shruti. Virat warns her not to interfere in his life. She says he is misunderstanding her and looks tired, whole family is angry on him and would confront him once they see him. He says she need not bother as he will handle. Ninad notices him and insists him to explain what he is up to. Virat requests to give him some time as he is very tired.

Ashwini walks in next and confronts Virat next. Virat says he is not a kid and knows what he is doing. Ninad says he wouldn’t have felt bad if he had done a mistake as a kid, he has disgraced them, etc. Bhavani confronts him next that he has become a flower which is hurting them, they supported him when he willingly brought Sai home, but now he ransacked Sai for another woman, and Sai left this house. Ninad says its not Sai mistake and continues scolding Virat. Virat says if he has problem with him, he will leave home right now.

Precap: Virat asks Ashwini if she thinks he broke her trust. Ashwini cries. Virat says why she is crying when her son is still alive. Ashwini says Shruti will destroy even his career. Bhavani demands Virat to leave Shruti right now and bring Sai back home.

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