Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Approves Virat

Ashwini walks to Bhavani’s room. Bhavani says if she has come to support her bahu/DIL, she should go back or else will bear her wrath. Ashwini says she is a head of the family and punished who made mistake, she just came here to show her diwali gift. Bhavani checks sari and praises it. Ashwini says Sai selected it. Bhavani returns it. Ashwini says if she can punish Sai for her mistake, she should also praise her for her good deed. Sai cries in her room.

Virat takes her prepared snacks and tries to cheer her up saying his friend prepared it, she is keeping an old tradition of preparing snacks at home and not buying from a shop. Sai calms down. Ashwini explains Bhavani that with her decision of letting Sai and Virat live in a separate room and them becoming friends, they are getting closer as husband and wife. Bhavani praises her idea. Ashwini thanks her and says let them stay separate for some more time to make them realize their love for each other. Bhavani says she just praised her one decision and didn’t approve the other, her decision of shifting back Sai to Virat’s room is final.

Pakhi fumes remembering Sai confronting her. Samrat walks to her and asks if she is fine. She says she is just tired after diwali cleaning. He asks if she is tensed with Sai’s allegations. She asks if he thinks Sai is right. He says he wants to hear her side of story, what she was doing outside Virat’s room. She says she is feeling bad when he questions her intentions, she got a nightmare about him and hence she got afraid and was going to get water for herself, what she could to if Virat’s room is on the way to kitchen; if he doesn’t want to take ahead their relationship, she cannot help. He holds her hand and hugs her. She gives an evil grin.

Virat cheers up Sai and says she is feeling bad for Bhavani kaku’s rude behavior, but she should understand Bhavani is old fashioned and she should see the situation via Bhavani’s view, she should also stop bothering about other’s words. He continues explaining her.. Sai asks what about her driving class, it ended just in 1 day. He says they will continue her driving class. She gets happy hearing that and crossing her hand over Virat’s shoulder tells Aaba’s pic that modak is not only fulfilling promise made to Aaba, he is also fullfing Aaba’s promise. Virat says Kamal sir taught driving to him and he taught driving to her. Sai says indirectly Aaba taught her driving. Virat says Kamal sir was a man of his words. Sai says he was.

Next morning, Karishma draws rangoli for diwali. Bhavani and Sonali praises her rangoli. Mohit joins them. Bhavani asks Karishma to decorate pooja room with flowers next. Samrat brings sweets for family and wishes them happy Diwali. Sonali taunts diwali will be more special for mirchi and modak. Bhavani asks what does she mean.

Sonali reminds that today is last day of Bhavani’s order for Sai to shift back to Virat’s room. Omkar backs him. Bhavani says Sai has to shift today at any cost. Sai packs her bag remembering Virat holding a baby in mall and thinks that baby was looking so cute with Virat. Virat makes arrangements for Sai’s welcome and creates a pillow wall between bed. Sai talks to her Aaba and hopes there won’t any affect on their friendship with the new changes in their lives.

Precap: DIG tells Sai that Virat was shocked when heard about her accident and truly loves her. Ashwini tells Sai if she thinks well, she will realize why Virat cares for her. Sai returns to Virat’s room thinking she will question him if he loves her as a friend or husband. Virat informs her that he is going on a mission.

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