Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Breaks Relationship With Virat !

Sai looks at Ashwini’s gifted couple ring. Ashwini asks if she wants to end their mother-daughter relationship. Sai says she never knew how mother looks like, but found out after coming here how cute mother is and she cannot lose 2 mothers in 1 life. She hugs Ashwini and asks her to take care of herself. She then picks her bag and remembering returning to Virat’s room thinks her modak who went on a mission never returned.

She tells Virat that it pains when heart breaks, hurts when dreams shatter, but a person breaks down completely when his/her pride shatters; Virat broke their friendship and trust and broke her completely. She walks out remembering her wedding with Virat and their happy moments. A sad song plays in the background.

Virat walks towards his room shattered while family tries to speak. He locks his room door and remembers gifting a ring to her, her praising his efforts to make her birthday special, her returning his ring back, etc., and angrily hits his hand to a wall.

He then imagines Sai who welcomes him and offers to prepare a tea for him. He thinks Sai didn’t trust her friend at all, he would have introduced her to Shruti and Sai, then she would have realized he is right; he can never imagine of having a relationship with any another woman as he loves only her.

Next day, Sai reaches parking on the way to college and imagines Virat there. She thinks Virat never valued her. A girl tries to sell balloons to her. She asks if she doesn’t study. Girl say she loves studying and studies in the evening. Sai suggests her to study well and not be dependent on anyone. She buys toys from girl who blesses that her wish comes true soon. She then feels proud of her Aaba who bought her up with much difficulty. Pulkit walks to her.

At home, Ashwini offers BP medicine to Ninad and asks him to have it or else his BP will shoot up. He angrily throws it away and says they had to let their bahu go who reunited them and vents out his anger on Virat who chose Shruti and fought with even him for her, etc. Ashwini says Sai was slowly accepting Virat as her husband, but Virat messed it up. Ninad says he doesn’t know if Sai will be their bahu again or not.

Pulkit tells Sai that he saw everything happened at home, but wants to hear her story as he is not only her teacher, but also her elder brother and mentor. She says her relationship with Virat has ended. He praises her for raising her voice against injustice to her and she would have disappointed him if she had accepted Shruti in Virat’s life. He says he cannot tolerate Virat choosing Shruti over her.

Sai says she is just Virat’s responsibility, but Shruti is Virat’s desire and hence she stopped thinking about Virat. He says he is worried thinking how she will lead a lonely life as he has gone through it already. She says she has his and other family members’ support. He asks if she can forgive family and reaccept them. She says yes as she is emotionally attached to them. He asks what about Virat.

Precap: Sai visits Shruti as a medical intern and finds her name as Mrs S Chavan. She asks what does her husband do and since how long they are married. Shruti says in administrative service and they are married since 1.5 years. Pulkit says they need to treat her soon so that she can lead a happy life with Sahas. Virat enters. Sai and Pulkit are shocked to see him.

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