Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Convinces Pulkit to Save Shruti !

Sai tells Pulkit that her Aaba made her independent and competent enough to take care of herself, she wishes him to operate on Shruti and fulfill all her wishes like her Aaba as she sees her Aaba’s shadow in him. He says the way she is convincing him, she will force him to agree to operate on Shruti, but he will feel guilty for supporting Virat’s wrong deeds. Sai requests her not to think of all this and think that he is helping his patient survive. Shruti tells Virat that survival was tough in jungle and she didn’t even have basic necessities, but had Sada with her who was the reason for her survival; she snatch Sai’s reason for survival and ruined her life.

Virat remembers Sai fighting with him and leaving house and says they themselves decide the course of their life and Sai chose to separate from him. Shruti says why wouldn’t Sai doubt him as she red handedly caught him with another woman whose son’s birth certificate has his name as a father.

Virat says whatever happened has happened, he never thought he would meet Sai in this situation where he has to introduce himself as Shruti’s husband and her baby’s father, he cannot change anything now. She asks him to give Sai’s number so that she can speak to her and clear the differences. He says he doesn’t want to involve Sai in it as she will also be criminal along him for protecting a terrorist’s wife and child, he cannot see Sai and other dear ones in trouble and risk their lives. She feels guilty that because of her, his and Sai’s relationship ended. He asks her not to feel guilty. She asks who was the doctor who accompanied Sai. He says he is Sai’s professor and his elder sister’s husband. She says now she realized why he denied to operate on her.

Sai asks Pulkit he will surely operate on Shruti. Pulkit says he cannot understand how can she tolerate so much pain. She says she has learnt to bear pain since childhood with her mother’s death, her Aaba’s death, her marriage, and rest of the incidents and knows to face it. He says she is an inspiration to everyone and would become a great doctor. She asks him again if he will operate on Shruti or not. He says he will and takes oath to erase Virat’s memories from his mind forever. She thinks she doesn’t know whether she would be able to do that or not.

Shruti asks if he can be prosecuted for helping her. Virat says it doesn’t matter now as he lost his bestfriend Sai and now his family also hates him for hurting Sai and wants him to leave the house. She asks where will he stay now. He asks if he can stay in a house he arranged for her and Sahas. She agrees. He continues his emotional chat and then asks her to think about herself now. Nurse brings a stretcher to shift Shruti to OT. Virat encourages Shruti to be brave. Nurse takes Shruti away reminding Virat to sign his wife’s surgery consent form. Virat nods yes and remembers Sai confronting him before leaving his house.

Pulkit visits his colleague and informs that he will operate on Shruti. Doctor thanks him. He asks if Sai can assist him. She says why not as Sai is a gold medalist and will herself perform surgeries in a few years. He asks if consent form is signed. She says since its an emergency surgery, consent form is being readied, he can brief patient’s husband about the complications till then.

Sai says they will meet him near OT and weeps. She asks if she is fine. Virat says Sai is nervous, but he wants her to get an experience from him. She says whole Maharashtra Doctor’s association knows about his credibility. Virat walks in and thanks Pulkit for agreeing to operate on his wife. Pulkit says Sai convinced him. Sai says its okay as its every doctor’s duty to protect his/her patient.

Doctor gives consent form to Virat and asks Sai to explain it. Sai looking aside explains. Doctor asks her to explain it looking at patient’s relative. Sai looks at Virat and says there is a critical operation of her beloved wife Shruti and explains complications. Virat thinks Sai is his wife and not Shruti.

Precap: Sai confronts Virat that he chose a hospital far away to escape from her and Dr. Pulkit, but fate brought Pulkit here to operate on his wife. Ninad feels ashamed of Virat and says a person because of whom his bahu left his house is still standing in front of him. Virat says if he asks him to leave right now, he will.

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