Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Decides to Part Ways From Virat !

Virat tells Sai that he accepts her decision. Sai asks who told she needs his permission. He says he knows, she should let him perform his duty towards her. She says he has only 2 shoulders which are already burdened by Shruti’s responsibilities, so he shouldn’t bother about her. He asks what about her education expenses. She says she gets scholar money for her college expenses and has her Aaba’s funds for rest, so she doesn’t need his help. Devi informs family that Sai is leaving house.

Pakhi hopes Sai doesn’t return again. Sonali yells that Sai always acts as leaving but returns. Bhavani says Sai doesn’t have patience to solve the problem and always tries to run away from them. Pakhi comments Sai wants to ruin Chavan family name. Karishma says she is right. Mohit warns her to stop her negative comments. Sonali says Pakhi is right that Sai just wants to ruin Chavan family name staying out of house without a divorce.

Sai picks her bag and stops Virat from helping her. They both shed tears. A sad song plays in the background. Ashwini confronts Sonali for talking about divorce. Sonali says she is just saying, but Sai is doing it practically. Samrat asks if she would have suggested same to her own daughter, Sai is his like his sister and he wants her to stay here, but if she is suffocating here, he wants her to go.

Ashwini asks why is he giving a wrong advice and reminds that she tried her best to stop his and Pakhi’s divorce. Samrat says Virat is wrong this time. Devi says this is also Sai’s house and she will not let her go. Pulkit says they let Sai go as Virat was always wrong, but this time they will not let her go. Bhavani, Sonali, and Pakhi continue their comments.

Sai walks in and says they need not argue as she is determined to go from here. Bhavani complains Ninad and as usual arrogantly warns Sai to stay back. Omkar, Sonali, Pakhi, and Karishma continue to pass on their rude comments. Devi and Ashwini cry and plead Sai next followed by Ninad.

Sai asks Ninad to take care of himself and aayi as she cannot stay in this house after what Virat did. Samrat and Pulkit try to convince her next and says they cannot let her go. Pakhi asks Samrat to not try to convince her or else she will blame even him. Sai says if they all love her, they should let her go as she cannot suffocate here. Ashwini says she feels guilty that her son betrayed her.


Devi says she got Pulkit and Harini back because of Sai and she experienced motherhood because of her. Sai says Devi deserves it. Samrat asks what about him, he stayed here on her request to stay back for at least 6 months for his aayi’s sake, so he will return to Mahabaleshwar if she leaves. Mansi gets worried hearing that. Virat breaks down remembering his promise made to dying Kamal sir and thinks he is breaking all the promises to keep a promise made to his friend.

Precap: Sai returns Virat’s wedding ring and leaves his house. He thinks he will not repeat his words and doesn’t have strength left to prove himself innocent.

Update Credit to: MA

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