Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Gets Her Voice Back !

Dr. Anjali asks Sai to write down what is in her mind. She writes V. Dr. Anjali asks if she is writing Virat’s name. Sai writes down AABA. Dr. Anjali says she was writing her baba’s name who gave her responsibility to Virat, she is angry on Virat but doesn’t want him to go out of her room. She holds her hand and asks if she wants Virat in her life or not. Sai cries vigorously. Ashwini tries to enter room but stops seeing their conversation. Dr. Anjali says Sai is going through dilemma and should calmly think if she wants Virat in her life or not. She then asks if she is feeling lonely. Sai nods yes.

Dr. Anjali says she should remember a few people who love her and are praying for her faster recovery. Sai closes eyes and remembers Ashwini, Devi, Samrat, Shivani, and Virat. Dr. Anjali says she feels Sai got her answer, she should take her thread of happiness in her own hands, returning to Nagpur is not a solution as she went through many troubles to reach her. Sai finally speaks and asks how can she face her problems as she is always surrounded by them.

Dr. Anjali consoles her and says they feel they are surrounded by problems and the only solution is not to expect anything from anyone, one who hopes is burdened by it and she should free herself from his burden. Sai thanks her and says she understood a lot hearing her, but.. Dr. Anjali says a word but brings a lot of questions and answer is within themselves. She then asks if she wants to be in hospital itself or meet her dear ones who are waiting for her. Sai says no. Dr. Anjali says though their actions and words don’t match, they are concerned for her; most of the time their thinking and reality differ; she should get well soon and continue her studies to become a doctor soon and become her colleague. Sai says she is too good. Dr. Anjali asks if she can call Pulkit and her husband who are eager to hear her voice. Sai nods yes. Dr. Anjali notices Ashwini at door.

Next morning, Samrat gets ready to visit hospital. Pakhi says he looks tired and shouldn’t go back to hospital. Samrat says he considers Sai as his sister and its his duty to be around her till she gets well. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t want anyone to be around Sai except himself. Samrat says its good to hear as he wants Virat to be with Sai. She says Sai and Virat have reconciled.

Samrat says he is happy to hear that and asks how does she know. She says Virat himself reconciled with Sai as he is jealous that she moved on in life and is happy with Samrat. Samrat asks if they are really happy together. She says he understands her well, but Virat never did. Samrat says she always drags Virat in between them. She says Virat can never come between them, her life’s only intention now is to change his thinking and each person who pities on her, she will prove that she is very happy with Samrat and will not tolerate Virat humiliating her often. She continues that she wanted a mature man like Samrat, she accepts her mistake, but doesn’t want to carry its burden whole life; they can shift to Mahabaleshwar and build their own house. He asks if she and Virat fought again. She says she wants to go away from Virat and cannot tolerate even his shadow near her. He asks if she wants to go with him or go away from Virat; whenever Virat’s presence doesn’t affect her, he will understand that she chose him like Virat realized that his love and responsibilities are both Sai, but Pakhi is still stuck behind Virat and still loves him; she should accept this reality.

Ashwini introduces herself to Dr. Anjali and thanks her for clear Sai’s mental burden as she wasn’t speaking to them at all. She happily hugs Sai and asks her to rest. Dr. Anjali asks if she can call Dr. Pulkit and Virat. Ashwini calls them in. Dr. Anjali asks Sai if she will not say them hello. Sai says hello. Virat gets happy and emotional hearing that and asks if she knows since when she was silent. Sai says his ears would have felt good. Virat laughs. Pulkit says he is very happy to see her back to normal, Devi will be very happy hearing this.

Virat thanks Dr. Anjali for her help and says they are hearing Sai’s voice because of her. Ashwini also thanks Dr. Anjali and says she will never forget her favor whole life. Dr. Anjali says she did her duty and in fact she should thank Pulkit who introduced her to cute Sai. She asks Virat to take care of himself and Sai. He says he will for sure. Dr. Anjali leaves with Pulkit. Virat asks Sai to speak out whatever she feels and scold him. She says she doesn’t anything new to speak, is he not tired with her questions and taunts. He says he is feeling as if he is hearing soft and sweet music.

Precap: Dr. Anjali tells Ashwini that Sai and Virat mean a lot to each other. Sai tells Ashwini that she wants to return to her village. Ashiwni says Devi told that Sai and Virat’s fate is related to each other and asks can she tolerate if something happens to work.

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