Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Gets Territorial Over Virat; Questions Shruti !

Sai picks Shruti’s call on Virat’s mobile. Shruti writhing in labor pain asks Virat to come soon. Sai asks her why she called Virat, she repeatedly calls Virat whenever she wants to. Shruti asks if she is Virat’s wife. Sai says yes. Shruti asks her to give phone to Virat as she needs to talk to him. Sai asks regarding what. Virat notices his watch alarm ticking. Samrat asks him if he is fine, he should share his problem with him if there is any. Mohit remembers Virat with pregnant Shruti and thinks if he will tell truth. Virat says some work tension and nothing else.

Sai shouts at Shruti to speak, why she calls her husband repeatedly. Virat and whole family notices her, and Virat asks her to return his mobile. Ashwini asks what is happening. Pakhi says its Virat’s phone and she should return it. Sai angrily warns her not to interfere and asks Shruti to speak. Virat insists Sai to return his phone. Sai pushes his hand and asks Shruti why she calls her husband’s friend often.

Shruti remembers Virat saying he doesn’t have to inform everything to his wife and asks Sai if she knows who she is. Sai says her husband never hides anything from her and asks why she called her husband. Mohit thinks what will happen if Sai finds out that Virat entered his and Shruti in a hotel register as husband and wife. Shruti tells Sai that she doesn’t know who she really is and warns her to inform Virat that if situation worsens, he will be blamed and even Sai.

Samrat asks Virat who is Shruti. Virat says he cannot say anything and asks Sai why did she disconnect call. Sai says she wants to know why Shruti called him, she is his wife and needs to know what is going on. Virat insists again. She breaks phone angrily. Bhavani scolds her. Virat shouts if she know what she did. Sai says if he knows what he is doing each day and walks away. Devi scolds Virat to answer Sai. Virat shouts back to leave it. Samrat warns him to behave with Devi. Ninad asks Virat to inform them what is happening. Virat says he could have if he can and walks away. Karishma asks Pakhi if there is someone else in Virat’s life now like her, she means old friend. Pakhi thinks who is this Shruti.

Virat walks to Sai and asks why did she break his phone and come here ruining her success celebration. She says he is asking her instead. He says she shouldn’t have picked his phone. She says she never checked his phone, who is Shruti and why everything is kept secret. Virat says everything cannot be shared with everyone. Sai shout she is his wife and not everyone. Virat asks her to stop thinking much and stop questioning him as he is just performing his official duty and she should know this as a police officer’s daughter. She says he is trying to hide behind this weird logic and trying to fool her. He says why would he.

Ninad tells Ashwini that Sai is Virat’s wife and he should inform her everything. Ashwini says she is worried for Virat and thinks he is in trouble. He asks why didn’t she inform him. She says he is already tensed regarding his friend, so she didn’t disturb him. He asks who is Shruti. Virat remembers shooting Sada and thinks if police finds out that Shruti is Sada’s wife and if caught, he will be in trouble and even Sai will be, so he wants to protect Sai from all this.

Pakhi while serving dinner to family yells why Sai is adamant and troubling Virat. Samrat confronts her. Bhavani says Pakhi is right. Sonali says it must be Virat’s professional work and Sai is overreacting unnecessarily. Pakhi says Sai will never understand Virat and is unfit for him. Sai asks Virat if its his personal work. He says yes if she thinks so. She asks who is Shruti who brought a storm in their lives. Virat requests to trust him. Sai asks where was his trust when he alleged her and her friend Ajinkya. He remembers the incident.

Precap: Sai asks Virat till when she should wait and live in pain. He asks which pain she is going through. She says his attention is always towards Shruti and he rushes to her with one call, who is Shruti who is ruining their lives.

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