Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Hai Ghum Virat ki Yaadon Mein

Virat set ups camp in the middle of jungle. Inspector Surve asks if its right to do this. Virat says this is jungle’s safest area, they can watch any movement around, it has 3 police stations nearby and they can get a backup if needed. Surve asks why are they camping here. Virat says he wants terrorists to think same and Sada send one of his aide to check. Surve asks if he knows Sada. Virat says Sada is his college friend and its his responsibility to catch him. He notices bonfire nearby and alerting his officers goes to check.

Sada wearing a mask points gun at him. Virat dearms him. He picks gun again and warns Virat to go from there or lese. Virat attacks him again and removes his mask. He gets emotional seeing Sada and asks to hug his bestfriend Viru. Sada pushes him away. Virat is about to fall on a stone when Sada holds him and says their ways are different, so he should stop following him. Virat reminds their college days, how they made their first half century together, how he wrote first love letter for Sada’s girlfriend, how his childhood friend Sunny used to get jealous of Sada and used to feel a third person between them, and requests to hug his best friend. Sada hugs him.

Sai misses Virat and calls him, but Virat leaves his mobile in camp. Officers get worried for Virat and go to search him. Virat asks Sada why he didn’t keep in touch with him. Sada says even he didn’t keep in touch and didn’t invite him for marriage. Virat asks if he knows about his marriage. Sada says he saw bhabhi in mall that day, she is very beautiful. Virat says she is. Sada asks if its love marriage. He says neither love nor arranged but situational and asks about him. Sada reveals he had love marriage with one of his comrade Shruti and she is carrying their baby. Virat asks if he is keeping his pregnant wife in jungle, he should surrender for everyone’s betterment.

Sada says its not that easy, politicians full dirt in society and they need to suffer, so he is revolting against the system. Virat tries to convince him to surrender and assures him that he will protect him and his family. Sada says their paths are different now. He hears Virat’s officers searching him and feels betrayed by Virat. Virat warns that they will meet again as a police officer and terrorist and not friends and escapes from there.

Virat returns to his camp and thinks a storm is running inside his mind, he needs to speak to Sai to calm it as he discussed all his issues with her after they became friends; he hopes he doesn’t have to arrest his best friend. Sai thinks tomorrow is padva festival and hopes Virat is with him tomorrow to celebrate it.

Next morning, Sonali and Ashwini prepare uptan/herbal paste for festival. Bhavani explains ritual and gets emotional remembering her festival days with her husband. Ashwini asks her to explain more. Sonali says they should let their bahus perform this ritual. Sai walks towards living room when Pakhi clashes with her and asks how was her first night with Virat, she means in Virat’s room in his absence. Sai asks why is she so much worried about her, she even came to her room yesterday. Pakhi says its call sympathy. Sai says she should show this sympathy on her husband instead as he returned home after 1 year. Pakhi gets jealous hearing that.

Precap: Devi panics and opposes Sai for letting Virat go on a mission. Sai tries to calm her down. Devi breaks her mangalsutra by mistake. Sada blasts Virat’s jeep.

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